McDonald’s Fly-Thru

A funny video shows 2 guys who are hungry, but the fridge is empty. A McDonald's is not far away, at least not if you pick up the meal by helicopter at the fly-thru.


They take a helicopter to go to the restaurant, so the drive-thru becomes a fly-thru. Along the way, they order their meal by phone.

When they approach the McDonald's, there are only 3 cars in the parking lot. The restaurant and the pickup window seem closed.

Bag on a rope

The video suggests that the helicopter is hanging over the drive-thru. They lower a bag on a rope with money for the meal, while a disclaimer appears: "Stunt performed in a controlled environment. Do not attempt."

When they pull the meal up and fly away, they discover that there is no ketchup in the bag. Thus, they return to the restaurant to pick it up, which is the end of the video.

Behind The Scenes

Then a guy from Behind The Scenes - that posts clips on YouTube - tells the viewer that the footage was done after the McDonald's had been shut down. He also claims the video is not a McDonald's commercial.

Edited video

It seems questionable whether the helicopter was used for the pick-up in the first place. The video may have just been edited on a computer.

Anyway, they have produced a cool video. You can watch it here.

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