Marriott’s website of little use

After Marriott took over Starwood it took a while before both chains would merge their platforms. Although Marriott introduced the single platform in August, it seems the integration is a failure.

In particular Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) members are facing many problems, but also Marriott Rewards members are sometimes having hard times.

It seems that Marriott did not work hard enough to integrate Starwood hotels into Marriott's website and SPG into Marriott Rewards smoothly. SPG members report a multitude of problems and some Marriott members too.

Complaints about Marriott's website

We continue to receive complaints from readers about Marriott's website. There might not be a close relationship between the merger and the problems our readers are complaining about. But customers consider those problems certainly disturbing.

We already wrote about problems with Marriott's website (see here). For example, Marriott no longer allows customers to sort search results on the basis of price. Since then there have been no improvements. On the contrary, it seems readers feel encouraged to report even more problems with the website.

Airport codes

First, it does not recognize all airport codes, forcing customers to type the full name. For example, a reader searched for JAX, the code for Jacksonville International Airport. Marriott's website does not find the airport, only the (strange) destinations shown on the left appear on the screen. How do you get in those places by plane?

Second, sometimes travelers want to search for hotels at 0-X miles distance from some point, for example an airfield. Marriott's website does not allow for that. Customers need to choose 1 of 4 options: any distance, 0-5 miles, 5-15 miles or 15-50 miles.


Readers appear to consider one aspect particularly disturbing. They want to narrow the search results by setting an amenity including a free breakfast, an airport shuttle, a rewards category, a brand, etc. But the website's response is: "Your destination is unavailable for your selection. Try again using a new search."

It is strange and unwise that Marriott makes its customers' life so difficult that they are tempted to reserve at another chain, for example Hilton. Their website works pretty well and allows customers to narrow their research results to what they are looking for, be it a free breakfast, an airport shuttle or whatever.


In addition, Marriott Rewards has lost much of its attractiveness. Gold members already lost most essential benefits since the merger. Now they only have benefits Silver members have at other hotel chains.

What's more, the website is hardly functional for customers. If Marriot does not make improvements shortly, it will lose the competition with other hotel chains.

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