Man gropes woman on plane

A female passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight accuses Bruce Michael Alexander (49) of touching her breast while sleeping. She wakes up when she feels that a passenger sitting behind her is fondling her right breast with his hand.

After a second touch she stands up and tells the man she does not know why he thinks his behavior is okay. She changes seats and Alexander is taken into custody after landing in New Mexico.

Grab private parts

Alexander asks authorities why he is arrested. When confronted with the woman's accusation, he does not deny it. Rather, he says it is okay to grab women by their private parts as it is okay according to the president.

Obviously, Alexander watched the Access Hollywood tape that emerged during the 2016 presidential election campaign. As usual, Trump is bragging - this time to television host Billy Bush - that he can do anything with women because he is a star.

Alexander cites Mr. Trump's utterances to justify his behavior on the plane. He tells the authorities that according to the president it is okay to grab women by their private parts.

Apology, sort of

Later in the presidential campaign Trump apologizes on television after his aides told him to do so to prevent the campaign from derailing. In the same video, however, Mr. Trump talks more about Bill Clinton accusing him of being even worse than himself.

Meanwhile, Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. But thanks to the USA's archaic voting system the Electoral College appointed Trump president. Thus, he is a fake president, to use one of Trump's favorite words.

Outsourcing the presidency

In fact, the USA has outsourced the presidency to the Trump organization. As a result, corruption and nepotism are now daily business in the White House. Small wonder that Trump is the most unproductive president ever, to use another of his favorite expressions.

The only piece of legislation that he was able to rush through Congress is the tax reform. It not only redistributes billions of dollars from low income brackets to millionaires. It is particularly beneficial to Mr. Trump himself.

Tax loophole

His tax advisor Jack Mitnick, who handled Mr. Trump’s tax matters for more than 30 years, found a loophole for Mr. Trump not to pay any tax for 18 years. Thus, it is not without a reason that Mr. Trump has consistently refused to disclose his tax returns. In doing so, he broke with decades of tradition in presidential contests.

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