Make the dollar weak again

The USA used to be the world’s leading nation and a champion of democracy. It is very sad to observe that Donald Trump succeeded in doing away with the USA’s reputation as a leading, democratic and civilized nation.

Nowadays, fewer students want to study in the USA and the number of visitors from overseas plummeted in Trump’s first year in the White House. The US National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) reports a 6.4% decline of international arrivals in the USA from overseas and an 8.5% decrease from Mexico.

The NTTO also reported that travel spending has fallen by 3.3% or $4.6 billion. Under the previous administration, the number of visitors to the USA had been increasing dramatically each year.

More and more people no longer wish to visit a country that now resembles a banana republic. As a result, the USA lost 40,000 jobs in the tourism industry in 1 year. Trump not only destroyed the USA’s reputation, but also many American jobs.

US Travel Association president and CEO Roger Dow says about the US Department of Commerce's international travel forecast: “This aligns with the trend that we were already seeing, which shows that the US is not as competitive today as it was 2 years ago in the global travel marketplace and we are losing market share to other countries.”

The Visit US Coalition is a broad cross-section of industries that have come together to address the decline in international travelers to the USA and resulting opportunity cost to the US economy and jobs. It is hoping to work with the Trump administration to address this problem, which has considerable ramifications for the broader US economy. But the only way to get on speaking terms with Trump is to praise him despite all the damage he caused in just 1 year.

Trump keeps himself primarily busy with self-praise and watching Fox & Friends on television. When he took office, the US dollar was worth €0.94, now the US dollar is worth only €0.81. Thus, the dollar lost 14% of its value in 1 year of Trump.

His narcissism and lack of economic knowledge prevent him from understanding how much he and his administration – with more than 250 jobs still unfilled - hurt the US economy. On Fox News, which now has a similar position as the Russian state TV, he said: “Let me tell you - the one that matters is me. I am the only one that matters because when it comes to it, that's what the policy is going to be.”

In case you missed the highly embarrassing opening of the first cabinet meeting in the White House where cabinet members behaved like slaves by praising Trump into heaven, you can watch it here.

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