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flexibilityWhen the coronavirus also hits the aviation industry, airlines have to cancel many flights. In particular Lufthansa shows little consideration for its customers. They can change their travel dates, but not their destination. In the current circumstances the lack of flexibility is crucial.

No change of destination

Suppose that a passenger has booked a flight to Italy. Lufthansa wouldn’t allow this passenger to change the destination to another country that is safer for health reasons. The carrier only allows to change the travel dates.

Lack of flexibility

Christina Foerster, Member of the Board of Management

Christina Foerster

Understandably, passengers are not happy when Lufthansa forces them to fly to Italy, to say the least. Although it took some time, the airline has now come to the conclusion it can no longer neglect its customers’ ire. Christina Foerster, Member of the Board of Management, Customer & Corporate Responsibility, has sent out an e-mail on March 21, 2020 to Lufthansa customers. One of our readers forwarded it to us.

Now more flexibility

Under pressure of the competition, the carrier now gives flyers more flexibility. Foerster writes: “You may keep your ticket for a cancelled or future flight without the need to immediately decide on an alternative date for a new flight. The value of your ticket will not expire and you will even get a discount of €50 on your rebooking. You may also rebook to a different destination. This applies to tickets booked through March 31, 2020 and which have a confirmed travel date of no later than December 31, 2020.”

Presenting a price

Lufthansa Boeing-737The €50 discount looks nice, but it might come out of your own pocket. This trick is widely used by retailers. They can present a price of say €400 in different ways. First, they can show a straight price of €400. Second, they can present a price of €450 and a €50 discount. Interestingly, many consumers tend to be happier with the second variant.

In her e-mail Christina Foerster also writes: “If you wish to rebook your flight, you may wait until after your originally scheduled flight date to contact the Lufthansa Group customer service or your travel agent. It is not necessary to contact customer service or a travel agent prior to the original flight date. Please take note that different guidelines apply to Eurowings.”

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