Is racism on the rise in the USA?

The USA's fake president Donald Trump uses racist and divisive language. Two examples of racist remarks made by Trump are: "Black people are too stupid to vote for me" and "Name 1 country run by a black person that is not a sh**hole".

America first

Moreover, Trump borrowed the Ku Klux Klan's slogan 'America first' for his own election campaign. Small wonder that racism seems on the rise since Trump entered the White House. Next, he simply continued his campaign rather than running the country.

The media report on a regular basis racist incidents. Even the military published an online manual for troops deploying to Saudi Arabia containing racist language.

Negro blood from slaves

It describes the Saudi population as “mainly composed of descendants of indigenous tribes that have inhabited the peninsula since prehistoric times with some later mixture of Negro blood from slaves imported from Africa.”

Perhaps this is not surprising in a country with a racist fake president. But fortunately, the US Central Command apologizes 4 days after the episode went live on Netflix. It removes the manual and returns it to the originating office for revision. The contrast with Trump could not be greater.

Racist incidents also occur on planes. Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford is a black doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. On a Delta Air Lines flight to Boston a woman sitting next to her begins to hyperventilate.

Actual physicians or nurses

Dr. Stanford is helping the passenger when a flight attendant intervenes and asks her if she is a physician. Stanford replies she is. A second flight attendant asks to see her medical license, which Dr. Stanford provides. Shortly afterwards, both attendants return and ask if the license belongs to her.

Delta apologizes to Dr. Stanford and says it is looking into this matter further. But in 2016 a similar incident occurred on a Delta flight. A flight attendant bars Dr. Tamika Cross, who is black, from helping a passenger. “We are looking for actual physicians or nurses,” the flight attendant tells Dr Cross.

Black doctor

The problem seems that Delta flight attendants cannot imagine that a black person could be a medical doctor. Otherwise they would not prefer a white who is presumably a nurse over a black to help a passenger with a medical problem.

In 2016 Delta's response was the same as in 2018. Thus, a statement that Delta will look into a matter further seems quite meaningless.

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