How secure is your Wi-Fi while traveling?

About 1/3 of travelers are not very concerned about their security when they are online at airports or in planes. Some 9% confess they never thought about their online security, while almost 25% say they are not at all concerned about Wi-Fi security.

However, 48% of respondents admit they do have concerns that distress them somewhat. And 19% even say they are very concerned about potential breaches.


These are the results of a survey that the GO Group claims to have conducted. They do not reveal when and how the survey was held. It is also unclear how many respondents they surveyed and to what extent they are representative.

The GO Group is a company that provides transportation for passengers to and from airports in the form of shared rides and tailor-made individual transportation services. Therefore, they might be more versed in transporting passengers than surveying them.

Be aware in public spaces

GO Group president John McCarthy refers to the survey by saying: “Travelers need to be aware that it is not overly difficult for criminals to steal personal information when people use Wi-Fi networks in public spaces. All thieves need is a battery powered hotspot.”

Common sense

And he adds: "Using common sense and taking active measures, such as verifying the full name of the Wi-Fi network, turning off file sharing, only using sites with HTTPS encryptions and not conducting online financial transactions can go a long way in protecting sensitive information."

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