How does Marriott treat customers?

Moxy New YorkA reader of our website shares his experience with Marriott. Due to the cancelation of his flight to New York he will arrive 1 day later than scheduled. Thus, he sends an email to the Moxy hotel to inform them of the flight cancelation and the consequence that he will not arrive until the next day. This way he hopes to avoid a no-show fee.

Automated emails

Two days later he receives an automated message that is - as usual at Marriott - meaningless because it does not address his email. After 18 days it is followed by an equally meaningless automated message. As if that were not enough, he receives 2 more meaningless automated messages after 20 days on the same day.

It takes 46 days until a human responds to his message. Basically, she blames our reader for sending an email. He should have called the Marriott. This suggests that the agent is unaware of Marriott's customer service's poor reputation. If you call them the waiting time is usually well over an hour.

MarriottNo-show fee

Meanwhile, Marriott charges to our reader's credit card the full room rate for being a no-show. After our reader sent us his correspondence with Marriott, we ask the hotel chain for comments on this experience. A spokesman responds the same day (!), which is considerably better than the customer service's record.

Terms & Conditions

However, the response is not of any help to our reader. The spokesman simply refers to Marriott's loyalty program's Terms & Conditions, a document of 78 pages. If you make a room reservation you agree with all those pages. No matter what happens, Marriott will charge the room rate as a no-show fee if you fail to check-in, while you will not earn any points.

No-show fee waiver

Credit cardsBut the story is not finished yet. Our reader did some work in New York for an organization that generates a lot of hotel nights. When he tells this organization about his experience, they contact Marriott. Suddenly, Marriott responds with understanding and refunds the no-show fee to our reader's credit card.


The lesson from this experience is that Marriott has no mercy on an individual customer, even if it is a gold card member of Marriott Rewards. Whatever the reason of the no-show, Marriott will charge the fee. But when it may affect the relationship with an organization that generates a large number of hotel stays they may waive the fee.

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