For which hotel is this reservation?

So far it seems that Marriott overreached itself by taking over Starwood. We receive many complaints of long-time Marriott customers about their Marriot Rewards accounts. For example, stays do not show up in their accounts, points are not added, etc.

Marriott's website also presents problems. When you search for hotels you have no longer the possibility to sort the results on the basis of price. You have 4 criteria to sort the results:
* City;
* Brand;
* Guest rating;
* Number of reviews.


A number of readers complain about this. They cannot understand that Marriott believes their customers are not interested in room rates at all. One reader wonders whether Marriott is plagued by stupidity or arrogance.

We asked Marriott to respond to our readers' complaints. However, Marriott refused any comment. This suggests that arrogance may play a larger role than stupidity.

Marriott reservations

Quite a few readers complain that printed reservations do not show the hotel's name, address and phone number. In particular if you make several reservations in different hotels you need to write down yourself on each reservation for which hotel it is.

A reader also mentions the exceptionally long waiting times when you call Marriott. She called to enroll in the Gold status challenge, a fast track to Marriott Rewards Gold status. She was waiting on the phone for more than 1.5 hours until she got an associate on the line.

Fast track for Gold status

Some members may consider the fast track option interesting. Especially because effective 2017 Marriott abolished the possibility for downgraded members to buy their status back by using points. Gold members, for example, who were downgraded to Silver status could buy their Gold status back for 25,000 points.

The current fast track offer requires 8 nights for Gold or 16 nights for Platinum status within the 90-days challenge period. You need to nominate which tier you are aiming at. Do not be too ambitious, for if you choose to aim for Platinum and stay for less than 16 nights, you will neither get Platinum nor Gold status.

Your goal should be realistic. If you choose to aim at Gold and you stay 16 or more nights you will not get Platinum, but Gold status, for that was your goal.

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