Flybmi bankrupt: now what?

FlybmiIn the evening of Saturday February 16, 2019, Flybmi collapses without any warning. As a result, hundreds of passengers find themselves stranded throughout Europe. The airline cites higher fuel costs and uncertainty caused by the UK's upcoming departure from the European Union as factors determining its fate.

Demise not unique

In 2018, the carrier operated 17 aircraft on European routes and employed 376 people in the UK and 3 other EU countries (Belgium, Germany and Sweden).

Flybmi's demise is far from unique. Other European airlines that recently went bust include Monarch in the UK, Air Berlin and Germania in Germany, SmallPlanet in Poland, and Primera Airlines in Denmark.

Banana monarchyA banana monarchy

The UK followed in the footsteps of the USA that in the past 2 years devalued itself from a great nation to a banana republic. Likewise, the UK is now a banana monarchy as the Brits only know what they do NOT want. But they have no idea what they DO want. Brexiteers claim they will take back control, whereas in reality, they will lose control.


Depending on the variant, Brexit may imply that the UK must follow EU trading rules without having a say anymore in making those rules. After the Brexit referendum - held on June 23, 2016 - the pound sterling took a nosedive. This was the start of a process of impoverishment. After the UK's exit from the EU, the country will impoverish further.

Brexiteers consider this a fair price for boosting their own political careers. Flybmi's collapse is just an omen for what will follow after the UK will have left the EU.

Online boekenWhat to do

· Flybmi has canceled all flights with immediate effect, so if you have a ticket you need to rebook with another airline. Note that Flybmi will not do it for you and that you will have to pay for your new flight yourself.

· If you booked through a codeshare partner, you should contact the partner airline directly. Partner carriers are Air Dolomiti, Air France, Brussels Airlines, Loganair, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines.

· If you booked your flight through a booking agent, you should contact the agent directly.

Credit cards· If you have paid for your flight by credit or debit card, you may be able to claim a refund from the card issuer.

· If you have travel insurance, you should contact the insurance company to find out if you are eligible to claim for canceled flights and the procedure for doing so.

· If your flight has been canceled, you may have a statutory right to make a claim for compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004.

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