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A reader submitted a review of a flight on TAP Portugal. This airline is a member of the Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the industry. The review follows.

I fly in business class from Lisbon, Portugal to Miami, FL, USA. The flight is operated with a fairly old Airbus 330 and departs almost on time at 10:45 am.


In the business class section there are 6 seats in a row with the configuration 2-2-2. The passengers in window seats do not have direct access to the aisle. Thus, if the passenger in the seat next to them is sleeping, they need to climb over. The seats are comfortable and can be converted into (nearly) lie flat beds.

During the flight the crew orders passengers in window seats to close the window shades. As a result, the cabin is dark. This is pleasant for those who want to sleep, but few passengers do so at this early hour.

Dark cabin

For those who would like to look outside it is unpleasant that they cannot enjoy the view. The in-flight entertainment system works well after some hiccups in the beginning of the flight. There is a wide choice as to the entertainment categories.

During the flight only few flight attendants are available for serving passengers. Quite a large part of the cabin crew appears to be sleeping or resting.

Sleeping cabin crew

One may wonder whether this might be the reason for ordering passengers to close the window shades, After all, this encourages passengers to try to sleep even though it is an early flight. Sleeping passengers do not need any service.

It has been reported that pilots sometimes switch on the fasten seatbelt signs in mid-flight, but not because they expect turbulence. Rather, it is a convenient way of giving flight attendants the chance to have some rest during the flight.


The food is reasonable. The flight attendants who are not sleeping or resting are kind and attentive. Arrival in Miami is more or less on time, so the flight's punctuality score is very good.

All in all the flight's price/quality ratio is good.

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