A plane lands on Pacific Avenue

Pacific Avenue, Parkland, WAWashington State Trooper Clint Thompson is driving on Pacific Avenue in Parkland. Suddenly, he observes a small plane descending toward the road. It is going to make an emergency landing prompted by a fuel-system malfunction in the single-prop KR2 plane.

Emergency U-turn

Immediately after the plane has passed over Thompson’s car, he makes an emergency U-turn, activates his lights, and slows traffic. This way he makes room for the pilot to land safely.

Traffic lights

It is funny that the plane stops just before red traffic lights at an intersection. Cars from left and right are passing the intersection as they have green light.

Clint Thompson

Clint Thompson

Thompson approaches the plane and parks his car right behind the plane. He walks up to the plane and knocks on the fuselage to let the pilot know he is there. When a reporter asks whether troopers are being trained for such a situation, his answer is clear: ”No.”

Pushing plane off road

The pilot opens the cockpit and gets off the plane. Finally, Thompson helps him to push the plane off the road. No one is hurt in the incident. Watch the video here.

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