Do hotels wash sheets?

room1A couple of years ago Arnon Grunberg, a Dutch writer and journalist who lives in New York, wrote a series of articles in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad about his work in a hotel. He had applied for the job specifically to write about his experiences. One of the things he wrote, is that the sheets in a room where a guest stayed only 1 night were not washed before the next guest arrived in that room.

Grunberg described accurately how it worked in such a case. He was taught as a housekeeper to check the sheets on hairs. If he saw some hairs, he had to remove them using his fingers. To many readers it was a little bit of a shock to learn how hotels operate and save on costs.

Recently, Inside Edition reached the same conclusion on the basis of a test in different hotels. They checked into hotels, checked out, then checked in again under a different name to the exact same room the next day.

However, before they checked out they used a stencil to put the text “I slept here” on the sheets that only shows up under UV light. Thus, housekeeping would not see the text when entering the room to clean it.

room3When Inside Edition’s investigators checked the same room they had used the night before, they closed the curtains and inspected the sheets under UV light. They claim that all 9 hotels they checked, failed to wash the sheets after they had stayed in the room for 1 night.

Regrettably, they do not give any details as to how likely it is that you can check in to the very same room as it may have already been taken by another guest.

The hotels they checked include a Candlewood Inn and Suites, a La Quinta Inn and Suites, and a Marriott Residence Inn. All hotels told Inside Edition the same story that they “take great pride in the high standards of cleanliness throughout their hotels, and that they take this issue very seriously, saying that they have taken immediate action to ensure this does not happen again,"

Watch Inside Edition’s video. Next time you will stay in a hotel you may want to inspect the linen immediately after arrival in your room, so that you can ask for another room if necessary.

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