Child icons on seat map

Crying babyCrying babies in a plane on a long-haul flight during the night is a nightmare for the babies, the parents and other passengers. What may soften the pain for other passengers is using ear plugs and/or a noise-canceling headset.

Child icon

Even so it may be for some noise sensitive travelers impossible to sleep. For those passengers Japan Airlines offers a kind of solution. It has a new feature on its booking system. A child icon appears at those seats on the seat selection map where a passenger is seated with a child under 2 years.

However, no icons in the area of your seat is no guarantee there will be no screaming babies around you. First, when you book and reserve a seat, there may be no child icons near your seat. But reservations by passengers with babies in the vicinity of your seat may come later on.

Age may not be decisive

ChildrenSecond, children may be older than 2 years and, thus, no longer eligible for an infant ticket. But a child of 2 years and a few months old does not behave much different than a child just under 2 years. And children at the age of 11 may also make a lot of noise. The same holds, for that matter, for adults who may keep talking very loudly during the entire flight.

Third, Japan Airlines cautions that the icons might not appear if a ticket is booked through a travel agency. The carrier may consider child icons an additional incentive for passengers to book directly on the airlines’ website.

Last-minute aircraft change

Fourth, in the case of a last-minute change of the aircraft, seats will have to be reassigned. Even though the carrier usually will assign similar seats, child icons may no longer be visible.

Fifth, passengers flying on reward tickets may not see the child icons when they want to reserve their seats. The same holds for flyers traveling as part of a tour.

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