How clean are aircraft cabins?

Ryanair cabinLow-cost carrier Ryanair is the dirtiest airline in the UK. This writes Which?, a British consumer organization, in a recent report. Their qualification of cabin cleanliness is based on research from their expert travel investigations team and surveys of nearly 8,000 Which? members.

Outbreak of norovirus

The passengers sitting near you may present the largest risk of infection, according to experts. In 2008, scientists in the USA investigate an outbreak of norovirus on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles. A number of passengers on the flight suffer vomiting and diarrhea.

High risk seats

Ryanair seatsThe scientists find that those passengers have most commonly been sitting next to someone who was already infected. Or they were seated in aisle seats with many passengers passing and touching their seat. This finding emphasizes the importance of airlines properly cleaning their planes between flights.

Cabin cleanliness

The respondents rate most carriers highly for cabin cleanliness. No less than 81% of passengers say it is good, very good or excellent. However, fewer than half of Ryanair passengers say the same thing. And ¼ of them go as far as to say cleanliness on Ryanair flights is poor.

Cleanliness ratings

easyJet cabinAnother low-cost carrier, easyJet, is doing better as ⅔ of their passengers rate the cleanliness as good, very good or excellent. British Airways is doing again a little better as ¾ of their customers give that rating.

However, other airlines score considerably higher. Almost all passengers of Air New Zealand (97%), Singapore Airlines (96%), Emirates (95%), Qatar Airways (95%), Cathay Pacific (94%) and Swiss (94%) find the cleanliness on board to be good. KLM is niet in het onderzoek betrokken.

Hand-sanitizer gel

Health experts recommend airline passengers to carry a hand-sanitizer gel. This implies that you don’t have to worry too much about washing your hands. Even if the seatbelt light is on and you’re stuck in your seat, you can still make sure any bacteria are eradicated before you start to eat.

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