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Will Uber drive out hotel shuttles?

A nice hotel amenity is a free shuttle taking guests from and to the airport. One of our writers routinely selects only hotels offering free shuttle service. The Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites Omaha Downtown in Nebraska announced the shuttering of its airport shuttle service. Yet, the service as such will not vanish. The hotel just replaces the shuttle service with (more…)...
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Do you understand how to earn and redeem miles?

The past years airline loyalty programs changed considerably. Initially, you earned miles based on the distance flown, but it is now usually based on the ticket price. As a result, frequent flyer programs are now useless for the vast majority of travelers. Only those who fly first or business class on expensive tickets paid by their companies still benefit from most of the current loyalty programs. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is an exception because this is still based on the miles flown and, thus, all flyers benefit. A more recent development is that loyalty...
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The power of CBP officers

“This officer squeezed my breasts hard and went into my underwear and in my vagina with her finger. She did this with the same glove that she did 3 other women before me!” This is what a 52-year-old woman wrote to a US Customs and Border Protection (CPB) official. The Washington Post published on August 19, 2018 a horrifying story about how CBP officers deal with women arriving in the USA. The country has a fake president who lost the popular vote, but due to the archaic...
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What (not) to do when you are too late for your flight

Jacob Abdellak is booked on a Norwegian flight from London Gatwick to Los Angeles, California, USA on May 11, 2018. However, he is running late and airline staff prevents him from boarding. They tell him he needs to rearrange his flight for another date. He is abusive towards airline staff, which does not help him to get on board. Then he calls police just 8 minutes before scheduled departure to make an anonymous bomb threat to the flight. His aim is to delay departure so that he can still board....
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How difficult is it to steal an airplane?

Travelers have the impression that airports are safe areas due to numerous security measures. Airport employees wear ID badges and have cards or security codes giving them access to areas that are closed for the public. But it is hardly possible to prevent each and every unauthorized person to access closed areas at any time. Where people work mistakes are inevitable. Although the number of security breaches should be minimal, they occur on a pretty regular basis. The weakest points of airport security are probably cleaning and maintenance services. The US Transportation Security Administration...
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How airlines refer to Taiwan

Taiwan’s ministry of transportation is thinking about measures countering China’s pressure on airlines to downgrade Taiwan’s status as a sovereign state according to Bloomberg. China forced airlines to refer to Taiwan as part of China. The ministry is considering both negative and positive incentives for airlines. Negative measures might include denying airlines to use jet-ways for boarding and disembarking and changing their takeoff and landing slots. Positive incentives that are being considered include reducing or eliminating landing fees and charges for airport facilities. But Taiwan’s deputy transportation minister Wang Kwo-tsai told...
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