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When should you buy a ticket?

Everybody wants to know what the best time is to buy your ticket. Momondo - a Danish online travel agency - claims to know it. You should book tickets for intra-European flights about 1 month prior to departure because then fares are 38% cheaper compared to the most expensive moment. Dutch travelers, who fly to a destination outside Europe, should book 5 months out to enjoy a potential benefit of 37%.

Day of departure

The day on which you depart also affects the ticket price. Flights from the Netherlands to...
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Asian airlines dominate in top-10 for 2019

Singapore girlThere are numerous airline rankings. Often they serve as entertainment or they are commercial business. Rankings may be based on subjective criteria, for example passenger reviews. Or they may be objective and based on statistics like on-time performance, involuntary denied boardings, the rate of mishandled baggage, etc.

Sort of rankings

Ranking lists in the category entertainment are usually those published by travel magazines. An example of a commercial ranking list is that of Skytrax that doles out a large number of awards at expensive galas in fancy hotels. But...
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Why boarding will never be efficient

Boarding via front and back doorsSome airlines seemingly do not learn. Southwest is the umpteenth carrier that is going to test a new boarding process. The test will be carried out at 4 California airports.

Front and back door

The airline will test the use of both the front and back door of the aircraft for boarding and deplaning. However, there will be just 1 jet way available that will be used for access through the front door. Passengers entering the plane through the back door will have to use stairs. Some...
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My discontinued credit card was charged

Credit cardA reader sends an email to ABN-AMRO Business cards - issued by International Card Services (ICS) - to discontinue his credit card. He receives an automated confirmation of receipt of his email. The next day he gets by email a confirmation of the closure of his card. Again 1 day later he receives an email from ICS requesting him to destroy his card and throw it away.

Credit card review

When he receives his credit card review, he discovers that the annual fee has been charged to the destroyed credit card....
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Is racism on the rise in the USA?

The USA's fake president Donald Trump uses racist and divisive language. Two examples of racist remarks made by Trump are: "Black people are too stupid to vote for me" and "Name 1 country run by a black person that is not a sh**hole".

America first

Moreover, Trump borrowed the Ku Klux Klan's slogan 'America first' for his own election campaign. Small wonder that racism seems on the rise since Trump entered the White House. Next, he simply continued his campaign rather than running the country. The media report on a regular basis racist...
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Man gropes woman on plane

A female passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight accuses Bruce Michael Alexander (49) of touching her breast while sleeping. She wakes up when she feels that a passenger sitting behind her is fondling her right breast with his hand. After a second touch she stands up and tells the man she does not know why he thinks his behavior is okay. She changes seats and Alexander is taken into custody after landing in New Mexico.

Grab private parts

Alexander asks authorities why he is arrested. When confronted with the woman's accusation,...
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