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Security illusion

Daniel Casillo (31) is having fun on August 10, 2012 while racing on jet skis in New York's Jamaica Bay, until his watercraft stalls. He calls for help, but to no avail. Thus, he starts to swim to the lights he sees.

He makes it to land, where the lights appear to be John F. Kennedy airport's runway lights. Casillo climbs an 8-foot barbed-wire perimeter fence and walks undetected across two runways into Delta Air Lines' terminal 3.

He is dripping wet and wears his bright yellow life jacket when a...

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How do I get a discount offer?

You are not anonymous if you are searching the internet for air fares. Cookies stored in your web browser may give online retailers clues as to your income bracket and price-sensitivity.

Your internet address may be linked to your physical address revealing whether you live in a rich or a poor area. This allows for price discrimination by sellers, which means they offer different prices to shoppers in different areas.

Online retailers can also buy individual shoppers' profiles from online-data-aggregation firms using price customization software. This allows

them to...
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Booking with miles

Is there a person or organization that you can pay to take on the job of getting me plane/seat reservations using miles? I have over 350,000 miles. Want to fly first or business on United/Star Alliance, Los Angeles (or San Francisco)-Osaka, Tokyo-Paris and Paris-Los Angeles on specific days.
Lawrence Read

Airline Passenger Guru's response:

It sounds like a lot of miles - 350,000 - and it is. But frequent flyer miles are subject to a high inflation rate. In fact, 350,000 miles is not enough to buy the ticket...
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Skytrax under investigation

Skytrax bills itself as "the world's largest and most Trusted Airline and Airport review site". The site ranks carriers in 2 ways. First, it runs a best airline award program based on airline passenger satisfaction surveys. This culminates in annual awards, which are subjective in nature. Second, it runs a star ranking program based on a quality analysis across many areas of airlines' product and service delivery. Thus, the star ranking is more objective in character. Despite this difference, the results of both programs should be consistent to be credible. Currently, there are five 5-star airlines: Asiana Airlines,
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A round-trip to Hong Kong for next to nothing

Some travelers bought first-class tickets to Hong Kong for just 4 frequent-flyer miles plus $40.50 in taxes and fees.

United Airlines sold them through its web site, writes The Wall Street Journal. Obviously, it was a mistake. The normal price amounts to at least 65,000 miles in coach or 140,000 in first class.

United announced it would not honor the reservations because the bookings resulted from a programming error. The carrier would give 

customers the choice of either keeping the reservations at regular mileage prices or receiving a...
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An app to check your rights

You are stranded at a European airport or observe that your bag is missing. An airline employee may tell you that you have no rights as it is not the carrier's fault.

You wish you could check your rights yourself on the spot. From now on, you can by using your smartphone. The European Commission has launched an app that works on Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Android, RIM Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

The app is available in 22 EU languages and gives you easy access...
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