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Does Delta Air Lines consider you cheap shit?

ZitcomfortSkift has coined the word hate-selling, which not only refers to over-aggressive upselling by airlines, but also by other companies in the travel industry, like hotels, rental car companies, etc. It is now considered quite common for this kind of companies to raise a sense of urgency, for example, by adding to research results on their web sites phrases like “only 4 rooms left at this price!” They often try to reinforce the psychological effect by adding another phrase such as “12 people are looking at this hotel”. This aims at...
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Is there a relationship between the distance flown and the fare?

ticketsA reader purchases an intercontinental business class ticket at United Airlines. The price is €2,070 ($2,308) and the itinerary comprises 4 international flights and 3 domestic flights in the USA. He observes that all international flights have been booked in business class, but the 3 domestic flights in coach. Although one of these flights is operated with a small all-economy plane, the other 2 flights do have first class cabins. Our reader understands that he needs to travel in coach if there is no first class cabin even though he purchased...
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Are fuel surcharges legitimate?

fuel1The oil price has plummeted, but I read that airlines are still charging fuel surcharges. I came across an article that called those charges fraudulent. Are fuel charges legitimate? Frank Westen Airline Passenger guru’s response: Airlines are free to set their prices. Whether or not a carrier levies a fuel surcharge is irrelevant for the total ticket price (including taxes, surcharges and fees). Relevant for the passenger is only the total ticket price, which can vary by the day and even during 1 day. To illustrate this we compare total ticket prices for...
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United is pigheaded

United AirlinesUnited Airlines has suffered a painful defeat confirming its reputation of a poorly managed company. The airline filed a lawsuit against computer whiz Aktarer Zaman, who built the website Skiplagged that helps people find cheap tickets. United accuses Skiplagged of unfair competition by promoting strictly prohibited travel. Therefore, United is demanding $75,000 (€67.000 ) in damages. However, Chicago Judge John Robert Blakey of the Northern District Court of Illinois is not impressed. He says the court has no jurisdiction over the case because Zaman does not live and...
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Surcharges: what’s in a name?

fuelOn January 8, 2015 the Philippines House of Representatives issued a resolution ordering airlines operating in the Philippines to remove their fuel surcharge from airfares.

In the past the Civil Aeronautics Board had allowed the fuel surcharge to enable carriers to offset rising fuel prices.

Following the sharp decline in global fuel prices, however, there was no longer anything for the surcharge to offset.

Although the country's flag carrier, Philippine Airlines, announced that it would be removing its fuel surcharge, the airline has only removed it on domestic flights within the Philippines...

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Airlines love deceptive prices

A4AAirlines for America (A4A) - the US airline industry’s lobby - posted a video in which Dave Barger (jetBlue’s CEO) interviews Nick Calio (A4A’s CEO). Dave pretends that he does not know anything about the airline industry. He asks questions and Nick answers by lying. Watch the video here. Dave starts off by asking: “When a passenger purchases a domestic ticket, how much is really for transportation and how much is really going to the government in the way of taxes and fees?” Nick responds that...
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