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Sky-high prices in the skies

EP0ET1 A flight attendant member of the cabin crew serving food on a Monarch Airlines airplane from Madeira to Gatwick airport, UK In particular low cost airlines charge fees for everything they can think of. Virtually the only thing they do not (yet) charge for is the use of a lavatory. For some items they charge sky-high prices. Online travel agent Kayak looked at prices that low cost carriers charge for drinks and snacks. These prices appear not just a bit higher than in shops, but up to more than 20 times...
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When to buy your ticket?

credit1You are planning a trip, but you wonder when would be the best day to buy your ticket. The short answer is: there is no best date to purchase a ticket. Cheapair looked at 1.3 billion air fares in their annual air fare study as they call it. Their bottom line is that the best day to buy a ticket 54 days in advance. At least, that is the average they find for travel within the USA in 2015. This does not imply that you should always buy your ticket 54 days...
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Are credit card surcharges legal?

Creditcard1If you buy a ticket with departure from the USA you can pay by credit card with no surcharge. When you purchase a ticket with departure from Europe, however, the airline will charge a credit card surcharge. It illustrates that a credit card surcharge has nothing to do with cost, but rather with market forces. If a carrier selling tickets in the US market would charge a credit card surcharge it will lose many passengers because other airlines do not do so. In Europe airlines can charge a credit card surcharge because other...
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A profit surcharge

Air France/KLMWe are receiving again questions about the fuel surcharge. The questions are not always exactly the same, but they boil down to the same: why does the fuel surcharge still exist despite the current low oil price? For western airlines it is formally not correct that the fuel surcharge still exists, but substantially it is. A number of Asian carriers recently abolished the fuel surcharge now the oil price has plunged so much that it would be a reason for a fuel discount rather than a surcharge. Actually, the fuel surcharge...
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Would you swap your seat?

seat6Suppose you have an aisle seat, while you prefer a window seat. In January 2016, travel startup Seateroo will launch an app based on the idea that many passengers are willing to pay or be paid to swap seats with other passengers. Brad Pursel, founder of Seateroo, says that he has hired SurveyMonkey to survey US residents aged 18-65 years who are mobile device users and traveled at least 3 times during the previous 6 months. SurveyMonkey offers a free basic service and some paid features. It is unclear...
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Is there a worst day to buy your plane ticket?

Online boekenFriday is the worst day to buy an air ticket according to a study by Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). After analyzing hundreds of millions of bookings, they concluded on December 10, 2015 that travelers in the USA pay an average of 11% more when they buy domestic tickets on Friday as opposed to Sunday. Expedia is good in selling tickets, but does not have a track record in research. You may see a good deal on Friday, but if you wait until Sunday it may...
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