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A fee for sitting with your children

The British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is reviewing airline allocated seating polices after conducting consumer research that shows the current approach to allocated seating is causing confusion. The CAA research has been conducted among more than 4,000 consumers who flew as part of a group (of 2 or more people) in 2017. It presents interesting findings. Nearly half of respondents report that the airline did not inform them before booking that they would need to pay more to ensure their group could sit together, while 10% say the carrier only...
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Bidding on tickets through an app

Air Ticket Arena is a new, mobile app enabling you to bid on airline seats within 2 weeks of departure. Air Ticket Arena has adopted the slogan “Let the Airlines Fight for Your Money” and aims at selling 300,000 seats a year. Air Ticket Arena founder Kresimir Budinski claims that the app serves both buyers and sellers by allowing carriers to turn unsold seats into extra revenues and enable passengers to bid for last-minute flight bargains. Carriers decide between 24 and 48 hours before a flight which seats are available...
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When can you expect even more nickel-and-diming?

Sabre Corporation touts it is the global leader in best fare flight search options. They claim they outperform the competition and deliver the lowest fares with a large selection of attractive flight options. Their claim is based on “a wide-scale qualitative and quantitative competitive global distribution system (GDS) study conducted across 18 countries by Dr. Fried & Partner, a leading marketing and consulting firm.” It was paid for by Sabre, so it is a typical case of selfpraise. We did not find any ranking of marketing and consulting...
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What is priority according to Ryanair?

Ryanair put into force a new carry-on bag policy as of January 15, 2018. It is linked to the so-called priority boarding. The carrier introduced priority boarding in 2006 as a new instrument to nickel-and-dime customers, who had to pay €3 to be among the first to board Ryanair flights. Meanwhile, this fee has been doubled to €6. When you visit their website you can click to get an announcement about the new policy, but even there you will not see the €6 priority boarding fee. Only by searching the...
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Make America a banana republic

Koffer zoekA taxi driver tells his customer the ride will cost $50. On arrival at the destination he demands $50 plus a $10 bag fee. Who would accept this? Yet, it is precisely what US airlines are allowed to do. On December 7, 2017 the US Department of Transportation (DOT) withdrew a proposed rule that would have forced US airlines to disclose bag fees to passengers at point-of-sale. In addition, DOT withdrew a proposal that would have forced carriers to collect and publish detailed data on ancillary revenues 4...
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A way to find error fares?

Have you always hoped to find an error fare?, a site that was founded in 2008, claims in a press release that your chances to find such a fare may now be greater than before thanks to its new service. More in particular it claims that the new service unveils the cheapest flights ever published from your local airport including super cheap airline error fares. To this end it uses prices found from over 1,200 sources. You need to enter your local departure airport, then select whole year in flexible...
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