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Miracles at the airport

Miracles regularly occur at US airports. A passenger requests a wheelchair and gets pushed to the front of the security line.

After the screening he jumps up out of the chair, grasps his carry-ons and rushes off into the terminal.

Airlines are legally required to provide free wheelchair service to any passenger who requests it and without description or documentation.

Travelers can reserve in advance, but also at the last minute. The rule is that wheelchair requests are filled on a first-come basis. Thus, a 10:00 am walk-up request...
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Most stressful airports in the US

Making it through the airport can be a major undertaking. Distances between gates and long check-in lines are the top factors that make airports stressful, according to a survey by KRC Research among 1,500 business travelers.

The majority of respondents (56%) consider the vastness between gates and terminals the biggest challenge at Chicago O’Hare, while nearly half (49%) agree John F. Kennedy International Airport presents some of the longest lines.

Other factors that contribute to airport stress include:
* Confusing airport signs (28%)
* Poor service...
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