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The pot calling the kettle black

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) – representing 290 airlines - resembles Donald Trump. It utters a lot of self-praise and it serves primarily its own interests. First, it claims that the experience of airline privatization resulted in enhanced competition in lower pricing to consumers. In reality, however, the US airline market is not competitive. Due to mergers it has become an oligopoly where 4 carriers control 80% of the market. Second, on intercontinental routes carriers have formed joint ventures that basically rule out competition. They not only sell seats...
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Asia to become aviation’s center of gravity

Atlanta HartsfieldIn 2017, almost 1.5 billion travelers passed through the world’s 20 busiest airports representing 17% of global passenger traffic. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport continues to take the top spot within this group in terms of passenger numbers with nearly 104 million travelers. This appears from Airports Council International’s (ACI) preliminary 2017 world airport traffic rankings. Beijing Capital International Airport holds the 2nd spot with almost 96 million passengers. Dubai International Airport is the world’s 3rd biggest airfield. As Dubai is a major connection point for long-haul international flights it...
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Large airports grow, small airports shrink

Airports Council International (ACI) has released the latest edition of its pricey World Airport Traffic Report, which costs $865 (€740). Airfields continue to grow fast as a result of increasing numbers of airline passengers. In 2016, there were 46 airports with over 40 million passengers per annum as compared to 18 airfields in 2006. Mature markets like Europe and North America experienced an important resurgence in air transport demand, particularly at many of its large hubs. At the same time, a relatively higher proportion of smaller airports with...
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Airports with the best Wi-Fi

wi-fi-2Tech blog Rotten WiFi has revealed the top-20 airfields for best Wi-Fi access in 2016. The blog tested Wi-Fi speed and quality at 226 airports worldwide. They are gradually improving their digital access and are enabling customers to get online. Two countries stand out. The USA has 7 airfields in the top-20 and Thailand 6. Indonesia has 2 airports in the top-20 and Estonia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan each 1. Rotten WiFi ranks the airfields on the basis of the average download speed (in Mbps). The ranking changes if the average...
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Airline and airport awards

Qatar0In most rankings Qatar Airways scores high. CAPA - an aviation market intelligence company - named the carrier Airline of the Year on October 28, 2016 at its 2016 Global Summit in Amsterdam. It selected Qatar for its innovative strategy in a dynamic region, becoming the first major Gulf carrier to join oneworld, 1 of the 3 airline alliances. CAPA’s judging panel notes that Qatar has continued to rapidly expand its network and fleet. In fact, it has quadrupled in size over the last decade and has a fleet...
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Which region has the most flyers? (Tip: not North America)

LHRWorldwide airport passenger numbers increased in 2014 to over 6.7 billion, which is almost equal to the world’s population of 7.3 billion. This appears from Airports Council International’s (ACI) World Airport Traffic Report 2014 presenting definitive figures. A number of cities have an airport system with more than 1 airport. The world’s busiest airport systems in terms of passenger numbers are:
1. London, UK with 6 airports 147 million passengers
2. New York, USA with 3 airports 116 million passengers
3. Tokyo, Japan with 2 airports 109 million passengers
The world's...
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