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Is flying still safe?

An Air France flight has gone down into the Atlantic Ocean on its way from Brazil to France. It had 228 people on board, 216 passengers and 12 crew members. An electrical storm may have been to blame for the disaster although this would be extraordinarily exceptional. Lightning usually stays on the outside. Pilots and passengers should not experience anything more than a bright flash and loud noise. But if lightning finds a way into an airplane, it can destroy electronics and ignite fuel. Watch the video of a lightning striking a Qantas plane. Do we need to...
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Bizarre plane accidents

A British pilot observed that the engine of his World War II-era Tiger Moth stalled just after takeoff southwest of London. Therefore, he made an emergency landing. However, when he was about to touch down in a field a cow wandered into his way. Watch the cow being knocked to the ground and watch other (near) accidents. The two-seater was damaged, but landed safely. Although the cow was hit by the plane's lower left wing (watch the video), she was reportedly uninjured. A tragic incident occurred in Australia, also with a Tiger Moth. Both the pilot and his female assistant died....
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