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Save money and possibly your life

Economy passengers are more likely to survive a plane crash than those sitting in the front of the plane, where first class and business class are located. Scientists conclude this from an experiment arranged by the British Channel 4 and television production company Dragonfly.

In April 2012, they send an old Boeing 727 into the skies carrying dummies with breakable bones, cameras and sensors. At 762
meters (2,500ft), the pilot parachutes out of the plane, while a pilot in a following Cessna uses a...
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How to make an emergency landing?

A SKY2 and a KTLA helicopter are covering a news story in Hollywood about a reported gunman. Suddenly, SKY2 pilot Dan Catalano notices that the other chopper is spewing smoke from the engine. He advises the pilot, Tim Lynn, to land. Tim declares an emergency and lands in an empty parking lot on Hollywood Boulevard and Franklin Avenue, while there is white and blue smoke behind him.. Lynn and KTLA photographer Jeff Laabs quickly exit, uninjured, from the chopper. A crack in the engine caused an oil leak, which led to the emergency according to fire officials. Watch the video....
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Security illusion

Daniel Casillo (31) is having fun on August 10, 2012 while racing on jet skis in New York's Jamaica Bay, until his watercraft stalls. He calls for help, but to no avail. Thus, he starts to swim to the lights he sees.

He makes it to land, where the lights appear to be John F. Kennedy airport's runway lights. Casillo climbs an 8-foot barbed-wire perimeter fence and walks undetected across two runways into Delta Air Lines' terminal 3.

He is dripping wet and wears his bright yellow life jacket when a...

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Where is the captain?

It takes Marc Dubois more than a minute to return to the cockpit when his 2 co-pilots are calling frantically for help. Dubois is the captain of the Air France flight 447 that plunges into the Atlantic while it is en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on June 1, 2009. More than a minute is long considering that the plane 4 minutes and 23 seconds after the autopilot disengaged hits the water. It was never revealed why it takes him that long, but according to ABC News he is traveling socially with Veronique Gaignard, an off-duty Air France...
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The political illusion of security

The way airline security has been organized since 9/11 imposes an enormous burden on passengers both in terms of money and time. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that the cost of security has risen to at least €6 billion ($7.4 billion) a year.

It takes passengers longer and longer to get through security. Before 9/11, the average throughput of an airport security checkpoint was 355 passengers per hour. By adding ever more bureaucracy this average has more than halved to 149 passengers per hour.

Given the...
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False alarm

"This is an emergency. We will shortly be making an emergency landing on water." Passengers onboard a British Airways flight from Miami to London got the fright of their lives when they heard this announcement on January 16, 2012 at around 3 a.m. It was a pre-recorded message that left the passengers in panic as they feared for their lives. Half a minute later, however, a flight attendant came on over the intercom to apologize, saying the message was played in error. A passenger said that the flight attendant's tone suggested the crew had not grasped how seriously she had...
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