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Manila airport safe according to ICAO, not according to TSA

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for assessing security at foreign airports with direct service to the USA. This is to ensure that they meet ICAO standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Travel advisory for Manila Airport

In coordination with DHS and the Department of Transportation, experts from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have assessed aviation security at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines. This airport serves as a last-point-of-departure airport for flights...
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Unwanted sex up in the air

Sxual assaultIn-flight sexual assault is punishable in the USA by up to 10 years in prison plus fines and mandatory restitution. But airlines are not mandated to report and record the incidence of in-flight sexual abuse. Therefore, victims cannot directly and timely report the crimes to law enforcement.

Reporting procedures

What's more, airlines have 4-5 step reporting procedures in place. They involve a flight attendant, the captain, the airline ground crew, and the airline station manager. Those procedures frustrate most investigations. As a result, police do not usually meet the victim, perpetrator, and witnesses at...
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Pilot errors

Air FrancJan-Pierre Otelli's booke flight 447 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on June 1, 2009. The causes of the plane crash are a sequence of pilot errors from 1 of the 2 co-pilots in the cockpit. This concludes Jean-Pierre Otelli, a pilot and an expert on aviation safety. He published volume 5 of Pilot Errors in October 2011.

Black boxes

His conclusion is based on data from the black boxes that were recovered 2 years after the crash. However, not...
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Will the FAA regulate seat size?

Loughborough University studied safety issues associated with seating arrangements in planes. The study - published in July 2001 - was undertaken against a background trend of bigger passengers. This trend in combination with a growing number of long flights and high density seating prompted the need for a review of published anthropometric data. Those data involve the measurement of physical properties of the human body. This could guide possible regulation of seat size.

FAA Reauthorization

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Bill that recently passed the US...
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The power of CBP officers

“This officer squeezed my breasts hard and went into my underwear and in my vagina with her finger. She did this with the same glove that she did 3 other women before me!” This is what a 52-year-old woman wrote to a US Customs and Border Protection (CPB) official. The Washington Post published on August 19, 2018 a horrifying story about how CBP officers deal with women arriving in the USA. The country has a fake president who lost the popular vote, but due to the archaic...
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What (not) to do when you are too late for your flight

Jacob Abdellak is booked on a Norwegian flight from London Gatwick to Los Angeles, California, USA on May 11, 2018. However, he is running late and airline staff prevents him from boarding. They tell him he needs to rearrange his flight for another date. He is abusive towards airline staff, which does not help him to get on board. Then he calls police just 8 minutes before scheduled departure to make an anonymous bomb threat to the flight. His aim is to delay departure so that he can still board....
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