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Booking with miles

Is there a person or organization that you can pay to take on the job of getting me plane/seat reservations using miles? I have over 350,000 miles. Want to fly first or business on United/Star Alliance, Los Angeles (or San Francisco)-Osaka, Tokyo-Paris and Paris-Los Angeles on specific days.
Lawrence Read

Airline Passenger Guru's response:

It sounds like a lot of miles - 350,000 - and it is. But frequent flyer miles are subject to a high inflation rate. In fact, 350,000 miles is not enough to buy the ticket...
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The secret of your fare class

A reader writes that all flights in his ticket have Continental Airlines flight numbers and all fare classes earn 100% miles. However, Lufthansa credited only 50% for 1 of the flights. When he claims 100% miles they say the miles have been credited correctly. He sends us his ticket and asks whether Lufthansa is right or wrong. Airline Passenger Guru’s response: Your ticket shows that the flight with 50% miles was operated by United Airlines even though it had a Continental flight number. The fare class – not   to be confused with travel class...
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Who is that foolish?

A passenger books a flight Amsterdam-Tallinn operated by Estonian Air. At check-in he submits his Flying Blue number as it is a codeshare flight with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The number is printed on his boarding pass. According to information on KLM’s web site he will earn at least 229 miles (25% of the distance of 917 miles). However, his Flying Blue statement does not show any miles for this flight. He asks whether we know why. The reason cannot be found on KLM’s web site, so we asked KLM. The   response is that you do not...
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Who is afraid of a mouse?

I flew Swiss and was working on my laptop during flight. However, a flight attendant told me that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations prohibit the use of a wireless mouse onboard. This information was neither included in the safety card nor in the safety video. Moreover, it was the first time ever that a flight attendant told me I cannot use a wireless mouse. Thus, I wonder whether she was right. Can you tell? Lars Feltmann   Airline Passenger Guru’s answer: FAA regulations do not prohibit the use of a wireless mouse during flight. However, this does not necessarily imply...
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Can I be denied boarding?

Recently, I traveled with a KLM-ticket from Antwerp. The first part to Amsterdam was by train (the Thalys). When I showed my KLM-ticket in Antwerp I received my train ticket in a few minutes. I was late and if it had taken more time I had missed my train, so that someone should have taken me by car to Amsterdam. At check-in the KLM agent in Amsterdam asked me to show my train ticket. Fortunately, I had not yet thrown it away and could show it. When I asked why, the agent said that she could not have...
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Watch your booking class

As a Mileage Plus member I usually fly United Airlines. Sometimes, however, I fly US Airways. Both airlines are Star Alliance members, so I can claim each airline's miles with the other.

If I want to earn 100% of the miles, I need to book the right class. Unlike United’s web site, however, I cannot find the booking class on US Airways’ web site. Where can I find it?
Maxwell Stewart

Airline Passenger Guru’s answer:
Maxwell, the booking class is very important, indeed. It not only determines the miles you will earn, but also whether your...

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