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Mag je nagemaakte merkartikelen invoeren?

Het is vakantietijd en dus krijgen we vragen over het invoeren van in het buitenland gekochte artikelen. Die gaan vooral over goedkope merkartikelen. De prangende vraag is of je die eigenlijk wel mag invoeren.

In sommige landen - vooral rond de Middellandse Zee en in Azië - kun je inderdaad heel goedkoop merkartikelen kopen. Vaak gaat het om horloges, kleding, parfum, tassen, CD’s en DVD’s, en dergelijke.

In sommige landen kun je bijvoorbeeld een Rolex horloge kopen voor een paar tientjes of nog minder.

Als de prijs extreem laag is, gaat het natuurlijk...

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Air France/KLM makes a problem – and solves it

The family Meerwijk buys 3 tickets at Air France for flights operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines that can be changed free of charge. However, when they try to  make a change to the tickets the screen tells them this is not permitted.

Therefore, they call Air France, which tells them they must pay change fees per person. And when they call KLM they hear the same story.

Next, they send an email. The response is that they booked on Air 

France's US web site. Therefore, they must...
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The world’s most expensive kindergarten

We received many questions about the possible consequences of the sequestration due to a lack of decision-making in Congress. Visitors of our web site wonder whether it will affect their air travel.

The sequestration would shrink the federal budget by $85 billion (€65 billion) through September. 30, 2013. As a result, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) faces a budget cut of $1 billion (€770 million) of which $600 million (€460 million) will hit the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The FAA is planning to furlough...
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Where can I find United Airlines’ fare rules?

Some time ago one of our readers bought an eTicket on Now he appears to be unable to view the fare rules. His eTicket only displays the vague statement "Fare Rules: Additional charges may apply for changes in addition to any fare rules listed."

However, the eTicket does not list the rules and does not provide a link to to view them. Considering that not disclosing the rules would be illegal, he assumes they must be somewhere on display and asks us where.

Airline Passenger Guru's response:
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Lounge access denied

A platinum member of Air France/KLM's frequent flyer program Flying Blue shows his platinum card and boarding pass to a Delta Sky Club agent at a US airport. But the agent denies him access.

The passenger considers that both Air France/KLM and Delta Air Lines belong to the SkyTeam alliance. Therefore, he wonders whether the lounge agent is right.

Airline Passenger Guru's response:
Lounge access is frequent flyers' second most appreciated perk (after upgrades). It is obvious that Flying Blue platinum members have access...

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One or 2 keys?

A passenger receives 2 car keys when he picks up a rental car at Avis. That seems smart, because if you lose one, you still have the other key, right?

Wrong! Both keys are tied together and when asked, the agent tells him he will be fined if he separates them. He asks us what we think of it.

Airline Passenger Guru’s response:
We asked Avis what the rationale is behind their policy to make sure that if customers lose a key, they will lose both keys.

Avis’s response...

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