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UK politicians prefer nice weather

Union JackThe UK is more and more resembling the USA. Admittedly, it is not (yet) a banana monarchy, but the Brits don't know what kind of Brexit they want. They only know what they do not want. Therefore, it is still very uncertain what will happen after the Brexit that should occur on March 29, 2019. It is not only uncertain how the Brexit will happen, but also whether it will occur at all.

Short term solution

Small wonder that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) calls...
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An empty cockpit

Pilotless planeDriverless cars are around the corner, a development that is changing the automotive industry. Even though drivers still must keep their hands on the steering wheel, quite a few cars already have the capability to drive themselves. Will pilotless planes follow?

Remote-controlled planes

According to the Swiss bank UBS, airlines can save $35 billion ($40 billion) a year if they could operate remote-controlled planes. This is not only the result of lower wage cost, but in particular of lower insurance premiums and lower fuel cost. Carriers would undoubtedly add a large...
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Fighting unfair airline practice

TicketsEuropean consumer groups attack airlines' no-show policy. Airlines sell tickets with no-show clauses. Such clauses allow a carrier to cancel reservations when the passenger misses the outbound flight of a round-trip itinerary or a leg of a multi-leg itinerary. In those cases, airlines which use the clause deny boarding to the passenger. They either require the passenger to buy a new ticket, or to pay a fine to be able to use the original ticket. The clause is used in different versions by a multitude of airlines in the EU.

Round trip ticket

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Ryanair breaks the law

Michael O’Leary When Ryanair employees were on strike, Ryanair's boss - Michael O’Leary - told the press viciously: ‘We will not pay for flights on other airlines. We cannot afford to pay the high costs of our competitors.’ For 2 reasons it is rubbish that Ryanair cannot pay for re-booking.

Ryanair can pay

First, carriers have a legal obligation to get passengers to their destinations within a reasonable amount of time, even if that would imply that travelers need to be re-booked on other airlines. Second, Ryanair is a very profitable carrier thanks...
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Asian airlines dominate in top-10 for 2019

Singapore girlThere are numerous airline rankings. Often they serve as entertainment or they are commercial business. Rankings may be based on subjective criteria, for example passenger reviews. Or they may be objective and based on statistics like on-time performance, involuntary denied boardings, the rate of mishandled baggage, etc.

Sort of rankings

Ranking lists in the category entertainment are usually those published by travel magazines. An example of a commercial ranking list is that of Skytrax that doles out a large number of awards at expensive galas in fancy hotels. But...
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Why boarding will never be efficient

Boarding via front and back doorsSome airlines seemingly do not learn. Southwest is the umpteenth carrier that is going to test a new boarding process. The test will be carried out at 4 California airports.

Front and back door

The airline will test the use of both the front and back door of the aircraft for boarding and deplaning. However, there will be just 1 jet way available that will be used for access through the front door. Passengers entering the plane through the back door will have to use stairs. Some...
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