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How to limit compensation after a crash

germanwings A320Lufthansa has not yet settled the final compensation to the next of kin of the victims of the 2015 germanwings crash. According to several German publications the airline is trying to limit the compensation. The Airbus 320 crashed into the French Alps taking the lives of all 150 passengers and crew members on board.


The carrier has paid out €50,000 per victim in emergency aid and €25,000 in inheritance compensation. In addition, it has paid €10,000 compensation per victim to other relatives, while individual damages have been calculated on...
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A toothless enforcement body

Stranded passengersThe European Union has strong passenger rights included in EU regulation 261/2004. There are also national enforcement bodies, but some of them are weak. An example is the Netherlands. The Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) oversees airlines as to their compliance with passenger rights. The ILT can sanction carriers that violate passenger rights.

ILT no longer accepts complaints

Until 2019 individual passengers could file complaints about airlines with the ILT. For example if they deny compensation in case of a delay. But after the
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Propaganda war over Hong Kong

Hong Kong's sovereignty transfer from UK to ChinaOn July 1. 1997 the United Kingdom hands sovereignty over Hong Kong over to China. The agreement includes that there will be 1 country, 2 systems for 50 years. This means that China and Hong Kong continue to have their own governmental systems, legal, economic and financial affairs, including trade relations with foreign countries until 2047.

Difference between Hong Kong and China

Citizens of Hong Kong enjoy a high standard of living and a lot of freedom relative to Chinese nationals. However, in February 2019 the Hong...
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Ryanair in heavy weather

Michael O'Leary, Ryanair’s flamboyant boss, has scared its employees by announcing that as many as 900 jobs will be cut. The low-cost carrier will lay off 500 of its 5,500 pilots and 400 of its 9,000 cabin staff. In addition, recruitment plans for 600 cabin staff in 2020 have been put on hold. This has to do with the problems of the Boeing 737 MAX.

Profit decline

Ryanair’s post-tax profit declined by almost 30% on an annual basis. The airline blames higher fuel costs and declining fares for its falling profit. Fares are falling due to price competition in several markets. The...
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A strange White House meeting

Qatar AirwaysOn July 20, 2019, Donald Trump has a White House meeting with airline CEOs. The issue at hand concerns subsidies that Middle Eastern airlines receive from their governments. At least, that is what US carriers allege without any proof. In contrast, there is proof of subsidies the US government has channeled to US airlines. The leaked proof refers to the period 1918-1998. Documents referring to more recent periods have not (yet) been leaked.

Containing Middle Eastern airlines

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Airlines lie routinely

TAP PortugalA reader of our website shares his experience on TAP Portugal. He flies business class from Newark, USA to Lisbon, Portugal with a connection to Amsterdam. When TAP denies his complaint while dubiously calling him a no-show, he sends his correspondence with TAP to us. After all passengers have boarded the flight Lisbon-Amsterdam, they are requested to disembark. The crew announces that the flight is at least 2 hours delayed due to toilets that are out of order.

No refreshments

All seats are taken at the gate, so he takes a...
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