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TUIfly violates the law

A leaking fuel tank caused a delay of a TUIfly flight from Amsterdam to the Caribbean on January 19, 2018. The European charter airline that operated the flight with a Boeing 787 says that the leakage was the result of a production error by plane maker Boeing. The airline had to contract another Dreamliner, so the flight could not depart until the next day. TUIfly claims that it accommodated passengers by arranging meals and hotel rooms near the airport. It also claims that in case of such...
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Dog dies in overhead bin

It seems that United Airlines does not always hire the right people as flight attendants. This leads to free publicity, but also to publicity that is disastrous for the airline’s reputation. On March 12, 2018 United assumed full responsibility for the death of a passenger’s dog on board a United flight from Houston to New York LaGuardia. A passenger took her dog on board in a pet carrier in compliance with the requirements set by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and that must be put under...
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The best and worst US airlines in 2018

Most airline rankings are a way of making money, a form of entertainment or a way of generating free publicity. In some cases it is a combination. Rankings rarely offer anything new or useful, but The Points Guy (TPG) is 1 of the exceptions. TPG published a top-9 of US carriers based on their domestic operations. The report tries to use as much as possible objective criteria - including on-time arrival rates, passenger complaints, cabin comfort, and baggage issues - rather than subjective customer surveys. In 2017 it was still...
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Will the UK marginalize itself?

Bloomberg reports that the USA has offered the UK a more limited “Open Skies” agreement after Brexit than it currently has with the European Union. Even the British voters should now understand how disastrous Brexit will be for the UK. As could be expected - but apparently not by a tiny majority of British voters who voted for leaving the EU - the USA is using its standard template for aviation agreements in the negotiations with the UK. It will be very hard for the UK as a single country...
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Money makes the world go round

The USA has always been protectionist when it comes to aviation. Each year US airlines spend millions of dollars on lobbying members of the US Congress to preserve this protectionist stance. This is unfortunate because economists know that protectionism is detrimental to the economy. The world order built by the USA with European support and with free trade as an important building block seems no longer appreciated since the US federal administration has been taken over by the Trump organization. The USA’s public debt amounts to more than 100% of Gross Domestic Product...
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Good news for passengers

Emirates signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on January 18, 2018 to buy 20 Airbus 380s (and take 16 options) with deliveries to start in 2020. It is not only the world’s largest passenger plane, but also the world’s most comfortable passenger plane for 5 reasons compared to other aircraft. First, the humidity in the cabin is higher, so that you dehydrate in a slower pace during the flight. Second, the air pressure in the cabin is higher, so that you do not get tired too quickly. Both characteristics also...
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