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Will China start an airline war?

The Chinese government considers Taiwan an inseparable part of China along with Hong Kong and Macau. Therefore, it demands that foreign carriers on their websites refer to Taiwan as Chinese territory rather than a sovereign state. US airlines sought extensions to a May 25, 2018 deadline for making adjustments to their website. The final deadline is July 25, 2018, but the White House describes the whole thing as “Orwellian nonsense”. China has never given up its claim that Taiwan must be reunited with China and rejects US requests for talks over how US...
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What do passengers value?

Delta Air Lines has embarked on a full-fleet interior renovation of its Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. The first refreshed 777 took flight on July 2, 2018 from Detroit to Beijing. The good news is that the main cabin has 9-abreast seating. This is how Boeing originally designed the aircraft. Meanwhile, however, most carriers have installed 10 seats in each row to maximize profits at the expense of passengers’ comfort. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is Delta’s European partner. They operate codeshare flights, so that the flights of the 2...
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Why do Southwest and American settle a class-action lawsuit?

Passengers who bought domestic tickets on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines from July 2011 may get some money back. Southwest and American have already agreed to pay millions of dollars to customers who may have paid too much for their tickets. But Delta and United did not (yet) agree on a settlement. The 4 carriers are facing a class-action lawsuit in the Washington DC federal district court that started in 2015. Several cases were brought against...
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Airline satisfaction in USA decreasing

Airline passenger satisfaction in North America decreased in 2018 to 73 from 75 on a 100-point scale according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Only 3 industries score lower: fixed-line telephone service, internet service providers and subscription television service. The low satisfaction level is not surprising because competition is very limited in the US airline industry. Nearly 80% of the market is under the control of just 4 carriers. And as the ACSI observes, they seem more inclined to collaborate than to compete, thereby reducing the risk that customers...
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The Big-3’s fairy tale

American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines (the Big-3) spent millions of dollars on a political campaign against the 3 Middle East carriers (ME-3) Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Emirates. The US airlines assert that the Gulf carriers are governments rather than airlines, which would be the reason why they cannot compete with them. It is just a political statement for they failed to present any proof. Interestingly, there is proof for the massive...
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How family-friendly is Lufthansa?

Lufthansa presents itself as a family-friendly airline: “From booking to landing: with many coordinated services and benefits especially for families, Lufthansa makes flying with children even more enjoyable. As a family-friendly airline, we show an interest in the wishes and requirements of every individual passenger, large or small and meet a high standard in terms of safety and quality.” And this is wat the carrier says about seat selection: “Whether you prefer the window, aisle or more legroom: Lufthansa enables you to reserve seats for you and your fellow...
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