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US airlines less reliable in 2013

On the whole, 2013 was a mediocre year for airline reliability in the USA.

The Wall Street Journal concludes this from its annual airline scorecard tracking 7 key performance measures.

Although US airlines flew fewer flights in 2013 than any year of the past 9 due to mergers and capacity reduction, they canceled more flights, delayed more flights excessively, and mishandled more bags in 2013 than in 2012.

The best performing carrier is Alaska Airlines followed by Delta Air Lines.

Alaska has few flights on...

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I have a dream

Few people share American Airlines’ CEO Tom Horton’s "belief in the significant benefits the merger of American Airlines and US Airways will deliver to consumers, communities and employees."

This follows from a single-question survey conducted by Skift, a travel intelligence company. Skift received 1,169 responses to the question: ”Are you in support of the proposed American Airlines-US Airways airline merger?”

The results are:
- 7.2% support the merger
- 23.4% have not heard of it
- 23.8% oppose the merger

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Rankings abound

The number of rankings in the airline industry seems even larger than in the showbiz. Most of the rankings have a commercial background.

Condé Nast Traveler published its Annual Business Travel Awards in its October 2013 issue. It is the umpteenth ranking based on a survey among 79,000 business travelers, but it is unclear how the survey was held.

Condé Nast Traveler readers identified as business travelers were

asked to rate airlines (and hotels) “as excellent, very good,...

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Passenger Choice Awards 2013

The 2013 Passenger Choice Awards were handed out on September 9. The awards have been established by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) of which more than 70 airlines and some 300 industry suppliers are members.

Thus, it is about an industry organization handing out awards to its own members.

The name Passenger Choice Awards refers to an online survey among passengers. APEX advises member airlines to encourage their passengers to take the survey by reminding them in-flight, on their boarding passes, through airport signage and by using the promotional collateral...

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Dreaming of how to charge passengers more

"We strongly believe in the significant benefits the merger of American Airlines and US Airways will deliver to consumers, communities and employees," says Tom Horton in an American Airlines press release.

Horton is chairman, president and CEO of AMR, the parent company of American Airlines, and incoming non-executive chairman of the board of the new American Airlines. US Airways chairman and CEO Doug Parker will become CEO of the new American Airlines.

AMR has proposed to give Horton - the man who led American to bankruptcy - a $19,875,000 (€14,855,000) severance...

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Airline mergers bad for passengers

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) filed suit on August 13, 2013 to block the merger of American Airlines and US Airways because it would hurt competition.

Some advocates of the merger respond weirdly. John Goglia, for example, believes that DOJ should analyze the impact of not merging on safety.

His next proposal might be that the Department of Transportation (DOT) should analyze the legal aspects of the merger. Obviously, he is ignorant of the fact that DOT aids DOJ's merger analysis.

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