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Do executives favor Delta and Korean Air?

Executive Travel's Leading Edge Awards are the umpteenth travel awards. The magazine developed them "to honor travel providers that offer the most innovative, high-quality products to business travelers."

The magazine claims that its "readers are business-travel experts, embarking on dozens of trips a year. So when they vote for the companies they consider superlative, it is with authority".

Although Executive Travel writes that it invited readers to participate

through dedicated email invitations, it does not unveil how many votes have been cast.

Like most travel award suppliers Executive...

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The world’s best travel companies

Although there are many rankings for airlines and other travel companies their reliability often makes you think.

One of the least serious rankings is the 2013 Frequent Business Traveler GlobeRunner Awards. Frequent Business Traveler - a web site - announced the awards on July 17, 2013. It is not a real ranking, rather it just lists the 'best' travel companies in a large number of categories.

It is hardly believable that American Airlines is named Best Airline in the Americas. American ranks #10 out of 14 US airlines included in...

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Top-10 airlines for snacking

Most airline rankings are for fun rather than to be taken seriously. The Daily Meal's top-10 airlines for snacking is certainly for fun.

They describe the method used very concise and vague: "We took authenticity, variety, and overall value for your ticket into consideration." Thus, it is totally unclear how they rank airlines.

Although they write the ranking is about snacks they sometimes also include meals.

Note that the snacks often are not free, but must be purchased. If you

want value for money, however, you'd better take them from...
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How bad can economy class be?

Traveling coach class is not pleasant, but how bad can it be? Business Insider Australia tries to answer this question by ranking the worst airlines based on their economy class.

However, they use data compiled by Skytrax on such measures as seat comfort, inflight entertainment, meals, and inflight service. Therefore, Business Insider Australia’s list is unreliable.

When the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

investigated complaints about Skytrax’ ranking method, it upheld all complaints.  

ASA told Skytrax not to imply that the reviews on their site...

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Is Turkish Airlines islamizing?

Turkey is a secular parliamentary republic even though 99.8% of the population is Islamic and prime-minister Erdoğan's Islamic AKP party received 49.8% of the votes in the 2011 general elections.

The Turkish state holds a 49.12% stake in Turkish Airlines and there seem to be at least 3 signs that the carrier is subject to Islamic influences to an increasing extent.

First, the carrier has launched a cabin uniform design project that stresses traditional Turkish values. So far it did not yet present the new cabin outfit.

Second, the...

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Smart upgrades

Airlines in Europe have problems in filling the front of their planes. Premium travel to the Far East and the Pacific is almost 5% down on a year ago.

Austrian Airlines responds by introducing 'smart upgrades'. If you purchase an economy ticket you can bid for an upgrade (unless you bought it in China, India, Israel, Japan, Thailand, Turkey or United Arab Emirates).

You can bid either immediately when you book or later on up to 72 hours before departure. The question is whether it is worth for passengers...
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