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Why boarding will never be efficient

Boarding via front and back doorsSome airlines seemingly do not learn. Southwest is the umpteenth carrier that is going to test a new boarding process. The test will be carried out at 4 California airports.

Front and back door

The airline will test the use of both the front and back door of the aircraft for boarding and deplaning. However, there will be just 1 jet way available that will be used for access through the front door. Passengers entering the plane through the back door will have to use stairs. Some...
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American, Delta, Southwest, or United may owe you money

Southewest AirlinesMany travelers believe that the 4 big US airlines have conspired to increase fares on domestic flights. Southwest and American Airlines have agreed to settle nationwide class action litigation by passengers who believe the carriers did collude. As usual, the settling defendants deny that they did anything wrong. They have asserted defenses to the claims, and have settled to avoid the burden and expense of litigation.

Are you included?

The settlement classes include those who purchased tickets for flights within the USA and its territories from American,...
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Why is airlines’ customer service poor?

ZitcomfortUsually, businesses that offer poor customer service will also have a poor financial performance. Airlines, however, are an exception to this rule. In the USA there are only 3 industries that score lower on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) than the airline industry.

Customer satisfaction and financial performance

Researchers at the University of Nevada in Reno find there is no link between customer satisfaction and an airline's financial performance. Although carriers tout their customer satisfaction, their low score on the ACSI suggests that reality is quite different.

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Flight review TAP Portugal

A reader submitted a review of a flight on TAP Portugal. This airline is a member of the Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the industry. The review follows. I fly in business class from Lisbon, Portugal to Miami, FL, USA. The flight is operated with a fairly old Airbus 330 and departs almost on time at 10:45 am.


In the business class section there are 6 seats in a row with the configuration 2-2-2. The passengers in window seats do not have direct access to...
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How do pilots make up delays in the air?

In 2017, Hong Kong Airlines soared to the top of global rankings with nearly 95% of flights on time, In the airline industry a flight is considered on time if it arrives within 15 minutes of its scheduled arrival time. The carrier was hailed as a success story, until it emerged that the airline had simply extended the scheduled arrival time on several of its routes. Researchers of Which? - an independent British consumer organization - found that more carriers are adding extra time to flight schedules, in...
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How airlines refer to Taiwan

Taiwan’s ministry of transportation is thinking about measures countering China’s pressure on airlines to downgrade Taiwan’s status as a sovereign state according to Bloomberg. China forced airlines to refer to Taiwan as part of China. The ministry is considering both negative and positive incentives for airlines. Negative measures might include denying airlines to use jet-ways for boarding and disembarking and changing their takeoff and landing slots. Positive incentives that are being considered include reducing or eliminating landing fees and charges for airport facilities. But Taiwan’s deputy transportation minister Wang Kwo-tsai told...
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