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Which travelers are most likely to steal?

soapColombians are found to be the least likely to steal something from a hotel: 31% admits to bagging hotel property. They are followed by travelers from Norway, South Korea, Hong Kong and Denmark. Argentinian travelers are at the other end of the spectrum: 73% admit to taking items from their rooms. These are findings of a survey of nearly 5,000 travelers from 28 countries conducted by Toiletries were not included as stolen items. The vast majority of hotels apparently expect guests to remove all the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Theft...
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Should you avoid Hilton and Marriott from 2015?

Hilton and Marriott will copy airlines from January 1, 2015 by implementing a more aggressive cancelation policy.

From that date you can cancel for no charge until 11:59 pm local time the day before check-in. Currently, you can usually cancel for free until 6:00 pm on the day of arrival.

Marriott did not publicly announce their policy change. In contrast, Hilton informed the travel community through an announcement on FlyerTalk, claiming they make the change “so that we can provide you with a more consistent booking process and make more rooms available for when you need...

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“This is your last chance”

If you are looking for a hotel room you may very well see announcements like "Last chance! Only 1 room left!" or "Only 1 room available for €x". You do not need to take this kind of communications seriously, certainly not at

A complainant submits to the Dutch Advertising Code Commission that on its website often creates the illusion that the supply of rooms in specific hotels or at a specific rate is (very) scarce. They also

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