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The best hotel brands in 2016

KamermeisjeHotel guests’ overall satisfaction hardly improved in 2016 according to the J.D. Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study. The 2 point improvement to 806 on a 1,000-point scale is much smaller than in recent years. The study measures overall guest satisfaction across 8 hotel segments: luxury; upper upscale; upscale; upper midscale; midscale; economy/budget; upper extended stay; and extended stay. Scores are based on 7 key measures in each segment: reservation; check-in/check-out; guest room; food & beverage; hotel services; hotel facilities; and cost & fees. Interestingly, while satisfaction in most...
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How clean are US hotel rooms?

Young maid cleaning the hotel suite The average hotel room is dirtier than a typical home, an airplane, and even a school according to The web site let EmLab P&K perform laboratory tests of 9 often-touched hotel room surfaces to find out how clean or dirty 3-, 4-, and 5-star US hotel rooms are. Guess what! 3-star hotels appear the least germ-ridden. These hotels tend to offer well-appointed rooms, with limited service offerings. The bathroom counter is the dirtiest surface in these hotels, followed by the remote control. Higher-end 4-star...
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The most generous and most demanding hotel reviewers

ComplainingTravelers from Russia give on average the most generous hotel reviews. As a group, they give hotel scores 0.56 review points higher than the global average of 8.52 (out of 10). This is based on an analysis of over 7 million hotel reviews by travelers from 43 nations. Guests from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in contrast, are the toughest reviewers. They give scores 0.32 points lower than the average. Click here for the full list of 43 countries. Travelers from different countries tend to have different review...
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Bathroom phones mostly unused

toiletphoneComplimentary Wi-Fi is for 30% of leisure travelers the top factor in choosing a hotel, while 50% of business travelers say it is a must-have. These are findings from a survey by among more than 4,700 respondents across 28 countries. The results are reported in a rather loose way, but booking sites are not professional researchers. They conduct surveys primarily to generate free publicity. Far behind free Wi-Fi, wired hotel rooms with a single remote control for multiple functions (22%) and smart device docking stations (15%) are the second and...
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Which travelers are most likely to steal?

soapColombians are found to be the least likely to steal something from a hotel: 31% admits to bagging hotel property. They are followed by travelers from Norway, South Korea, Hong Kong and Denmark. Argentinian travelers are at the other end of the spectrum: 73% admit to taking items from their rooms. These are findings of a survey of nearly 5,000 travelers from 28 countries conducted by Toiletries were not included as stolen items. The vast majority of hotels apparently expect guests to remove all the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Theft...
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Should you avoid Hilton and Marriott from 2015?

Hilton and Marriott will copy airlines from January 1, 2015 by implementing a more aggressive cancelation policy.

From that date you can cancel for no charge until 11:59 pm local time the day before check-in. Currently, you can usually cancel for free until 6:00 pm on the day of arrival.

Marriott did not publicly announce their policy change. In contrast, Hilton informed the travel community through an announcement on FlyerTalk, claiming they make the change “so that we can provide you with a more consistent booking process and make more rooms available for when you need...

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