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Hotel cancelation policies worsened

Hilton and subsequently Marriott made changes to their cancellation policies in the summer 2017. They moved from free cancelation 24 hours before the day of arrival to 48 hours prior to arrival. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and the Hyatt followed suit. IHG did not have a cancelation policy, but seized the opportunity to institute one shortly after Marriott's and Hilton's moves. However, IHG remained competitive still by embracing Marriott's and Hilton's previous, somewhat less aggressive free cancelation policy...
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Strict rules in the Beijing Friendship hotel

One of our readers shares her experience with the Beijing Friendship Hotel, China. Her business partners booked a room for her in this hotel. When she arrives it appears to be a gigantic complex with a number of separate buildings. The hotel seems to be a kind of neighborhood in its own right. The taxi driver needs to use his navigation system to find the right building. The booking was made for room and boarding and the hotel's restaurant Juxiangyuan offers buffets. They are available for breakfast 07:00-09:00, for lunch 12:00-13:30...
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The most and least valued hotel amenities

Aside from a free breakfast (read: included in the room rate), hotel guests value free Wi-Fi the most, according to a survey conducted by GO Airport Express, which serves O'Hare International Airport and Midway Airport in the Chicago area, and The GO Group LLC, which provides ground transportation at more than 80 airports in North America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. GO Airport Express does not reveal whether their airport shuttles offer their customers free Wi-Fi during the ride. The next most preferred amenity is free transportation, but it follows at...
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How generous is Miles & More’s bonus miles offer?

LufthansaLufthansa’s frequent flyer program Miles & More offers bonus miles for members who make a hotel booking for at least 2 nights and are for the first time using this Miles & More service. The booking must be made by December 31, 2016 at a specific page of the Miles & More website. A reader asks whether this offer is really attractive. Airline Passenger Guru’s response: At first sight it is an attractive and generous offer as you will earn at least 1,000 award miles per night plus...
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Teaching Hilton to count

hilton2A reader who is a member of HHonors - Hilton’s frequent guest program - shares his experience with his HHonors account. The program has 4 membership levels: blue, silver, gold and diamond. Our reader has gold status, which requires 20 stays in a calendar year (or 40 nights or 75,000 base points). Silver requires 4 stays or 10 nights and diamond requires 30 nights in a calendar year (or 60 nights or 120,000 base points) The list of past stays in his HHonors online account shows 20 stays and 21...
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Do hotels wash sheets?

room1A couple of years ago Arnon Grunberg, a Dutch writer and journalist who lives in New York, wrote a series of articles in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad about his work in a hotel. He had applied for the job specifically to write about his experiences. One of the things he wrote, is that the sheets in a room where a guest stayed only 1 night were not washed before the next guest arrived in that room. Grunberg described accurately how it worked in such a case. He was...
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