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Spend your miles!

The US Department of Justice has cleared the merger of American Airlines and US Airways.

The green light came after the carriers had agreed to give up slots at several major US airports and had pledged to continue service to certain smaller cities.

The airlines expect to close on their merger deal in December 2013. What does this mean for their frequent flyers?

US Airways is a member of the Star Alliance, whereas American is a member of

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Miles & More less attractive

Lufthansa "will develop its frequent flyer program further." This is airline speak for changes for the worse. It will be more difficult and/or more expensive to earn miles and status from January 1, 2014.

The airline follows the trend to link mileage credit to the ticket price rather than the miles flown. So far, you earned at least 50% of the miles flown. This was more favorable than in most other programs, but Lufthansa has thrown the towel. Below you will find the changes by type of flight.
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Frequent flyer perks are fading out

Dissatisfaction among frequent travelers with frequent flyer programs seems growing. Airlines have cut capacity to increase their load factors, which is industry speak for fuller flights. As a result, upgrades have become rarer.

Moreover, frequent flyer miles are rapidly losing value due to higher

mileage requirements for awards, newly introduced or tightened expiration dates and reduced availability of award seats.

Mileage requirements may be increased explicitly, like Air France/KLM did in Europe and Southwest Airlines in the USA. But...

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Travelers are not loyal to airlines

Today, air travel evokes thoughts of long lines, cramped spaces, cancelations, fees and other inconveniences and annoyances. Air travel is now something to be endured rather than enjoyed. Therefore, customer loyalty is more important for carriers than ever. Frequent flyer programs aim at fostering customer loyalty, but they do not. This concludes Deloitte from a survey among 2,572 travelers who took a minimum of 1 flight over a 1 year period. Nearly half (44%) of business travelers are members of more than 1 frequent flyer program. The same is true for no less than 72% of frequent business flyers, while...
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A shortcut to gold status

Aegean Airlines - a Greek regional airline and member of the Star Alliance - has a frequent flyer program called Miles&Bonus with 2 tiers: blue and gold.

You will get blue status by earning 4,000 miles within 12 months. As soon as you have earned 16,000 miles within 1 year since you qualified for the blue status, you will receive the gold status.

This is probably the world's lowest threshold for achieving gold status. Other carriers including Star Alliance members apply considerably higher thresholds....
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United will match your status

Are you a member of a oneworld or SkyTeam member airline's frequent flyer program?

Then United Airlines - a member of the Star Alliance - will match your current status until March 31, 2013 if you join United's MileagePlus program now.


Carriers that are members of the same airline alliance do not compete with each other, so Star Alliance silver or gold customers are excluded from this offer.

Others will get silver, gold or platinum status based on the level they hold in their current frequent flyer program, at least for 90 days.

To keep this...

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