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Do you understand how to earn and redeem miles?

The past years airline loyalty programs changed considerably. Initially, you earned miles based on the distance flown, but it is now usually based on the ticket price. As a result, frequent flyer programs are now useless for the vast majority of travelers. Only those who fly first or business class on expensive tickets paid by their companies still benefit from most of the current loyalty programs. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is an exception because this is still based on the miles flown and, thus, all flyers benefit. A more recent development is that loyalty...
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The end of loyalty in the airline industry

Airlines no longer care about customer loyalty. Rather they care about revenues and profits in the short run. Most of the current frequent flyer programs do not reward clients anymore on the basis of the miles flown, but on what flyers paid for their tickets. A rare exception is Alaska Airlines that still rewards its frequent flyers on the basis of the miles flown. This explains why this carrier is so popular among travelers. On April 1, 2018 Air France/KLM changed its Flying Blue program such that few...
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Miles & More will change

Loyalty programs tend to get ever more complicated. Customers can hardly figure out whether they can upgrade their tickets by using their miles. Usually, tickets are not upgradeable if the booking class and, thus, the price is low. But many airlines do not reveal the booking class when you are searching for a ticket. Swiss, for example, (more…)...
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Burn your Air Berlin miles quickly

Etihad Airways was defunct carrier Air Berlin’s most important shareholder with 49% of the shares, but Etihad did nothing to safe Air Berlin from bankruptcy. All Air Berlin’s operations will cease before October 28, 2017. Therefore, members of Topbonus, Air Berlin’s frequent flyer program, had lost all hope they would be able to redeem the miles they still had in their frequent flyer accounts. Thus, it came as a surprise when Etihad created a special page on its website where Topbonus members can redeem their...
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Double award miles at Lufthansa on some flights

Lufthansa offers double award miles, sponsored by Airbus, if you fly between October 29, 2017 and January 31, 2018 on board a Lufthansa Airbus 380 in economy class. This promotion is only valid for Airbus A380 flights from/to Frankfurt to/from Bangkok, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Delhi, San Francisco, Shanghai and Singapore in economy class operated by Lufthansa within the travel period from October 29, 2017 until January 31, 2018. See below for the terms and conditions. Under this promotion, you will not earn double miles on feeder...
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Loyalty programs are useless for most travelers

Originally, frequent flyer programs aimed at fostering customer loyalty. However, for most programs this is no longer true. Airlines are now obsessed by short term profits rather than long term customer loyalty. As a result, quite a few carriers have turned their loyalty programs into profit centers. Some have even transformed their frequent flyer programs into a separate subsidiary. This development has led to a major change of those programs from distance-based to spending-based. It implies that the price of your ticket determines how many miles you earn by flying, while to a lesser...
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