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Passport expired

"Hello! Is this Anton's Pizza." "No sir, this is Google's Pizza." "Did I dial the wrong number? "No sir, Google bought the pizza store." "Oh, alright then. I’d like to place an order please." "Okay sir, do you want the usual?" "The usual? You know what my usual is?" "According to the caller ID, the last 15 times you’ve ordered a 12-slice with double-cheese, sausage, and thick crust." "Okay, that’s what I want this time too." "May I suggest that this time you order an 8-slice with ricotta, arugula, and tomato instead?" (more…)...
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McDonald’s Fly-Thru

A funny video shows 2 guys who are hungry, but the fridge is empty. A McDonald's is not far away, at least not if you pick up the meal by helicopter at the fly-thru.


They take a helicopter to go to the restaurant, so the drive-thru becomes a fly-thru. Along the way, they order their meal by phone. When they approach the McDonald's, there are only 3 cars in the parking lot. The restaurant and the pickup window seem closed. (more…)...
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Right turn indicator

On a recent flight, an elderly passenger kept peering out the window. Since it was totally dark, all she could see was the blinking wing-tip light. Finally, she rang for the flight attendant. "I'm sorry to bother you," she said, "but I think you should inform the pilot that his right-turn indicator is on and has been for some time."

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Too few meals on board

alcoholThere are 193 passengers on board an intercontinental flight. However, only 70 meals have been loaded onto the aircraft. Obviously, the airline has messed up and the cabin crew is facing a problem. After some discussion one of the flight attendants has an idea. About 1 hour into the flight she nervously announces: "I do not know how this happened, but we have 193 passengers and only 70 meals on board". Small wonder that the announcement causes some uproar in the plane. When the passengers stop muttering and calm down the flight attendant continues. "Perhaps...
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Signs of a no frills airline

no frillsSigns you have chosen a no frills airline: You cannot board the plane unless you have the exact change. Before you take off, the stewardess tells you to fasten your Velcro. The captain asks all the passengers to chip in a little for gas. When they pull the steps away, the plane starts rocking. The captain yells at the ground crew to get the cows off the runway. You ask the captain how often their planes crash and he says, "Just once." No movie. Do not need one. Your life keeps flashing before your eyes. You see a...
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How (not) to prevent your ears from popping

ears-popPilot: “Have you ever flown in a small plane before?” Passenger: “No, I have not.” Pilot: “Well, here is some chewing gum. It will help to keep your ears from popping.” Pilot (after the plane landed): “Did the gum help?” Passenger: “Yes. It worked fine. The only trouble is I cannot get the gum out of my ears.”...
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