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All Trump’s initiatives fail but one

During his election campaign Donald Trump promised “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”. It was a clear demonstration of his ignorance of fundamental principles of the rule of law. Thus, it is no surprise that each of Trump’s few initiatives failed with the exception of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination for the Supreme Court. As president, meanwhile, Trump demonstrated his inability to understand those principles. On January 27, 2017 he signed a travel ban that discriminated on the basis of nationality and religion, which violates the founding...
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Cash is always better than vouchers

United Airlines has tested its new voluntary overbooking compensation system and is now ready to roll it out in the USA. It has also revealed how the new system will work. The system is set up to alert passengers at check-in, which can be as early as 24 hours before departure. As a result of the alert passengers will know whether overbooking may be an issue on their flight. Passengers will get the chance to decide the dollar amount in travel vouchers they would accept to change their reservation to a...
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Which compensation do EU rules provide in which cases?

RyanairRyanair’s miscalculation of the planning of its pilots' holidays will cost the airline €53 million ($63 billion). In the period September 11-October 22 the carrier has canceled 40-50 flights per day, implying a total of 1.900-2,100 cancelations. Approximately 400,000 passengers will be affected. Some travelers have complained about vacation plans that have been ruined just 24 hours before takeoff. Others have tweeted about being stuck in remote airports, left waiting for a flight home for up to 3 days. Ryanair has published a list of canceled flights by week. You can...
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Trump destroys jobs in the US travel industry

The USA has become less attractive for international inbound tourism since Donald Trump lost the popular vote but won the presidency thanks to the archaic voting system. Since then he has been busy with playing golf, watching Fox News on TV, and promoting his own business. Running a business is considerably simpler than leading a country. When Trump eventually became aware of this he said he had not expected that being president requires so much and complicated work. Actually, it is way too difficult for him.
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A nonsensical advice

At Bloomberg Pursuits they believe anything. They talked to Melissa Biggs Bradley, the founder of luxury travel firm Indagare. This was not really the free (or paid) publicity she had hoped for, but it is all her own fault. If she tells her customers the same nonsense as Bloomberg she will be soon out of business. "I eat nothing on flights. I have talked to a lot of stewardesses about it, and it is a stewardess secret." She says that a Singapore Airlines stewardess...
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Do you compensate for the environment?

Aviation is heavily subsidized worldwide because it is exempt from excise tax on fuel and is generally exempt from value added tax (VAT). The excise tax exemption for fuel implies that ticket prices do not reflect the aviation's impact on the environment. The tax exemption has been calculated at €60 billion ($71 billion) a year on a global level. In 2015, the aviation sector accounted for 4.5% of European greenhouse gas emissions and since then it has only grown further. The subsidization of aviation explains why it is cheaper to fly than to travel...
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