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Alone in a dark parked plane

Tiffani Adams Tiffani Adams (pictured) takes a 90-minute Air Canada flight from Quebec to Toronto. The flight is only about 1/4 full. Less than halfway through the flight she falls asleep, she writes on her Facebook page. And she doesn’t wake up when the plane lands.

Alone in the plane

When she does wake up around midnight, she is still strapped in her seat. It must be several hours after landing. The plane is empty, pitch-dark, freezing cold and locked for the night. Initially, she thinks she is having...
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A non-connecting flight schedule

LAN AirlinesA reader shares his weird experience with, a Dutch booking site. He books 2 tickets from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo, Brazil. One ticket is for his girlfriend and the other is for himself. Because his girlfriend will depart 1 week earlier, they only travel together on the inbound flights. The journey will start in Amsterdam with a flight on Air France to Paris, where he will connect to a LAN Airlines flight to Sao Paulo. That name is in the ticket even though LAN has...
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The power of flight attendants

Police meets Southwest planeCrew members may retain or lose their sense of humor in case of a long delay. This might turn nasty for passengers, but above all it may illustrate their power. Flight attendants can use it at any time, even if it doesn’t serve any reasonable goal. They have the power to kick you off the flight.

Flight delay

A passenger who makes a joke on a delayed Southwest Airlines flight finds it out to his cost, reports local station Fox 40. The passenger is sitting...
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Passengers witness a robbery

Austrian AirlinesYou have boarded your flight and boarding is completed. The engines are running, so the plane can depart the gate any moment. But suddenly you see men in military uniforms approaching airport staff working by the plane. They order the staff to the ground.

Gunmen on the tarmac

You must have boarded Austrian Airlines flight 848 on April 9, 2019. The armed men in uniform aren't soldiers, but robbers. By breaking through a fire services entrance they reach the tarmac of Tirana International Airport in Albania.

How do the robbers know?

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Prevent identity fraud

Even when your hotel asks for it, don't leave your passport at the front desk. Often they want to photocopy it and keep it for the duration of your stay. Local governments or the central government may also require hotels for copies of their guests' passports.

Vulnerable for fraud

You should be aware, however, that if you allow hotels to copy your passport, you will be vulnerable for identity fraud. Everyone who has a copy of your passport can potentially use it for stealing your identity. That holds in particular if it shows...
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Flybmi bankrupt: now what?

FlybmiIn the evening of Saturday February 16, 2019, Flybmi collapses without any warning. As a result, hundreds of passengers find themselves stranded throughout Europe. The airline cites higher fuel costs and uncertainty caused by the UK's upcoming departure from the European Union as factors determining its fate.

Demise not unique

In 2018, the carrier operated 17 aircraft on European routes and employed 376 people in the UK and 3 other EU countries (Belgium, Germany and Sweden). Flybmi's demise is far from unique. Other European airlines that recently went bust include Monarch in the UK, Air...
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