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Sex in the skies

About 10% of American air travelers report having had sex of some kind at an airport. That is just a little more than the 8% who claim they have had sex on a flight. These numbers are based on, a cheap flights comparison site that claims it surveyed 4,915 Americans in 2017 who were 18 years or older and had flown at least once in the past 2 years. Approximately ¾ of respondents said they had some free time at the airport. The website followed up to learn how that...
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Are airlines worse than Facebook?

Carriers know very much about their (potential) customers. Whenever you visit an airline’s website it will be logged and stored, while the data the airline has about you will be mined. This serves to estimate the highest price you are just willing to pay for a ticket. It is not very likely that the traveler sitting next to you in the plane has paid the same price for the flight as you, even if you have purchased a ticket in the same booking class. Carriers try to personalize everything including ticket prices. Their...
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Are airlines going to resemble Facebook?

Data is the new gold. Companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and so on earn billions by using data about their customers or users. The most important application is using data to show users online advertisements that might be of interest to them. For example, you have searched the internet for vacation homes in Florida and after a short while advertisements for those homes pop up on your screen. By offering advertisers an audience made to measure Facebook and Google can get high prices for those advertisements. In fact, they share data about their users...
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Is flying to the World Cup in Russia dangerous?

On December 2, 2010 the Fédération Internationale de Football Association - better known as FIFA – announced that Russia was “chosen” to host the World Cup in June 2018. Russia’s ruler Vladimir Putin did not even bother to attend the meeting. He had paid the necessary bribes, so he already knew for a long time that Russia would host the World Cup. At the time it was not foreseen how the world would look like in 2018. But it has changed a lot. Russia has supported the Syrian president Assad...
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KLM creates a problem that Delta solves

On February 22, 2018 we posted an article about an American passenger’s experience with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which you can read here. He makes a long trip from Durham Teesside Valley Airport in England via Amsterdam and Seattle to Kalispell in Montana, USA. After check-in KLM takes his bag off the plane and would “dispose” of it, while it is unclear what this means.

On arrival in the USA he...

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KLM may dispose of your bag

KLM seatsOn October 24, 2017, a reader of our website is scheduled to fly KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from Durham Teesside Valley airport in England to Amsterdam, where he will change planes to Seattle, while his final destination is Kalispell in Montana, USA. But first he calls KLM to ask whether he can use an EMD voucher issued by Delta Air Lines to pay for his excess baggage. The agent tells him all he needs to do is give the reference number at check-in and it would...
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