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Doesn’t Lufthansa sell partner airlines’ flights?

I tried to book a multi-city itinerary on Lufthansa's web site. I wanted to fly Lufthansa from Copenhagen via Frankfurt to Miami, a few days later a flight to Canada on a partner airline, and again some days later back to Copenhagen.

To Miami was no problem, but when I tried to add a flight from Miami to Canada told me no available flights were found, although there are flights available for sure. What's up?
Björn Persson

Airline Passenger Guru's response:
We checked it on Lufthansa's web site and you are right....
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Skytrax under investigation

Skytrax bills itself as "the world's largest and most Trusted Airline and Airport review site". The site ranks carriers in 2 ways. First, it runs a best airline award program based on airline passenger satisfaction surveys. This culminates in annual awards, which are subjective in nature. Second, it runs a star ranking program based on a quality analysis across many areas of airlines' product and service delivery. Thus, the star ranking is more objective in character. Despite this difference, the results of both programs should be consistent to be credible. Currently, there are five 5-star airlines: Asiana Airlines,
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An app to check your rights

You are stranded at a European airport or observe that your bag is missing. An airline employee may tell you that you have no rights as it is not the carrier's fault.

You wish you could check your rights yourself on the spot. From now on, you can by using your smartphone. The European Commission has launched an app that works on Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Android, RIM Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

The app is available in 22 EU languages and gives you easy access...
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Sitting next to a dead man

Lena Pettersson, a Swedish radio broadcaster, looks forward to her vacation in Tanzania. When she boards a Kenya Airways flight in Amsterdam, she notes a tall man who is sweating and has cramp.

Although flight attendants are aware of the situation, the flight takes off to Dar es Salaam. Once the plane is airborne they ask for doctors on board.

The man gets a cardiac massage, reports the Swedish newspaper Expressen, but he dies a few hours later in flight.


Flight attendants cover the corpse with a blanket and place it along 3 seats across the aisle from Pettersson,...

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Is there a dress code for airline passengers?

Carriers have an array of arguments to preclude you from flying. An airline can deny you boarding or remove you from the plane if a crew member considers your attire or behavior unacceptable. You are a security threat, or you smell bad, or you are unruly, or whatever. As long as the airline does not discriminate, it can use many arguments to deny you boarding. The following examples illustrate this clearly. 1. A Southwest Airlines flight attendant tells passenger Kyla Ebbert that her mini-skirt is potentially offensive to other passengers. Ms. Ebbert does not argue, but drapes a blanket over...
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Allowed boarding

Othon Cortes (73) feels discomfort and pain when he arrives in New York on American Airlines from Barcelona, Spain. Yet, he boards a connecting flight to Miami.

Shortly after departure his health is taking a turn for the worse and the captain decides to make an emergency landing in Norfolk, VA. Regrettably, it is of no avail. Mr. Cortes is pronounced dead on arrival.

His wife and daughter recently filed a suit against the troubled airline as well as the contractor that prepared the in-flight meals, LSG Sky Chefs (a 100% subsidiary of Lufthansa)....

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