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Flybmi bankrupt: now what?

FlybmiIn the evening of Saturday February 16, 2019, Flybmi collapses without any warning. As a result, hundreds of passengers find themselves stranded throughout Europe. The airline cites higher fuel costs and uncertainty caused by the UK's upcoming departure from the European Union as factors determining its fate.

Demise not unique

In 2018, the carrier operated 17 aircraft on European routes and employed 376 people in the UK and 3 other EU countries (Belgium, Germany and Sweden). Flybmi's demise is far from unique. Other European airlines that recently went bust include Monarch in the UK, Air...
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Who recommends Toilet Duck?

Companies have a tried and tested strategy to promote a product. This is paying a firm for conducting a survey on the condition that the results will meet the company's requirements. In such a case the survey invariably shows that consumers are very enthusiastic about the new product.


A recent example is Humley, which makes artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. They claim to have gauged consumer frustrations and preferences regarding online experiences within the travel and hospitality industries. Guess what? Over ¾ of Americans would lean heavily on chatbots to improve...
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Apply for ESTA at least 72 hours before departure

Statue of libertyArriving in the USA is an unpleasant experience. Citizens or nationals of one of the Visa Waiver Program countries must apply for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) prior to their travel to the USA. Other travelers will usually need a visa.

Soviet Union

If you have ever been to the former Soviet Union, this ordeal will come to mind again when you arrive in the USA. For foreigners arriving in the USA the entry process is almost the same as it was in the Soviet Union....
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How does Marriott treat customers?

Moxy New YorkA reader of our website shares his experience with Marriott. Due to the cancelation of his flight to New York he will arrive 1 day later than scheduled. Thus, he sends an email to the Moxy hotel to inform them of the flight cancelation and the consequence that he will not arrive until the next day. This way he hopes to avoid a no-show fee.

Automated emails

Two days later he receives an automated message that is - as usual at Marriott - meaningless because it does not address...
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Is racism on the rise in the USA?

The USA's fake president Donald Trump uses racist and divisive language. Two examples of racist remarks made by Trump are: "Black people are too stupid to vote for me" and "Name 1 country run by a black person that is not a sh**hole".

America first

Moreover, Trump borrowed the Ku Klux Klan's slogan 'America first' for his own election campaign. Small wonder that racism seems on the rise since Trump entered the White House. Next, he simply continued his campaign rather than running the country. The media report on a regular basis racist...
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Man gropes woman on plane

A female passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight accuses Bruce Michael Alexander (49) of touching her breast while sleeping. She wakes up when she feels that a passenger sitting behind her is fondling her right breast with his hand. After a second touch she stands up and tells the man she does not know why he thinks his behavior is okay. She changes seats and Alexander is taken into custody after landing in New Mexico.

Grab private parts

Alexander asks authorities why he is arrested. When confronted with the woman's accusation,...
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