Bathroom phones mostly unused

toiletphoneComplimentary Wi-Fi is for 30% of leisure travelers the top factor in choosing a hotel, while 50% of business travelers say it is a must-have. These are findings from a survey by among more than 4,700 respondents across 28 countries.

The results are reported in a rather loose way, but booking sites are not professional researchers. They conduct surveys primarily to generate free publicity.

Far behind free Wi-Fi, wired hotel rooms with a single remote control for multiple functions (22%) and smart device docking stations (15%) are the second and third most favorite in-room tech amenities.

Complimentary breakfast is the second must-have amenity for vacationers (21%). For business travelers it comes third (12%). They rank proximity to mass transit, restaurants and shops ahead of a free meal, but the percentage remains hidden.

Free parking is the third consideration when leisure travelers book a hotel (10%). The preference of business travelers is not reported.

Minibars are not popular among hotel guests. Small wonder given the sky-high prices of the mini-bottles and snacks. Yet, only 24% of all travelers say minibars are not worth the hype, while only 17% say they go unused. This implies that 83% actually use the minibars, which seems not very credible.

Even so, according to the survey bathroom phones are the most unused item (22%).

Not surprisingly, noise from other guests is the top (21%) annoyance during hotel stays.

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