Bad behaviors in the skies

KinderenNo less than 64% of airline passengers cite the rear seat kicker as the most annoying passenger, according to a survey conducted in December 2016 among 1,005 US adult residents.

Second are inattentive parents (59%), defined as parents who have no control over, or pay no attention to, their crying, whining or misbehaving children. The third most irritating is the aromatic passenger with poor hygiene or wearing excessive cologne or perfume (55%),

Respondents are reluctant to address misbehaving passengers directly: 62% would choose to alert a flight attendant to have them handle, while 33% would endure in silence. Only 10% would confront a misbehaving passenger directly and 13% would record the offending behavior via their phone camera. But no more than 3% would shame a fellow passenger’s behavior via social channels, while 2% would tweet about it.

Like previous versions of the survey it shows that a sizable group (35%) would pay extra to be seated in a designated quiet zone, should the airline offer one. Carriers may not have jumped on the possibility of introducing the umpteenth fee because a quiet zone cannot be enforced.

If 1 or more passengers keep talking or play music loudly, they cannot be removed from the plane. Moreover, loud noise in regular zones will spillover to a quiet zone.

The survey emphasizes bad behaviors, but the silver lining is that 79% of respondents feel that for the most part, fellow passengers are considerate of one another, 74% thoroughly clean their space before disembarking, and about 40% report having helped another passenger with luggage.

The full list of airplane etiquette violators follows.

1. The rear seat kicker 64%
2. Inattentive parents 59%
3. The aromatic passenger 55%
4. The audio insensitive (talking or music) 49%
5. The boozer 49%
6. Chatty Cathy 40%
7. The queue jumper 35%
8. The seat reclining guy 35%
9. The armrest hog 34%
10. Pungent foodies 30%
11. The undresser (removes shoes, socks or more) 28%
12. The amorous (inappropriate affection levels) 28%
13. The mad bladder (repeat bathroom visits from window seat) 22%
14. The single and ready to mingle 18%


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