Alone in a dark parked plane

Tiffani Adams

Tiffani Adams (pictured) takes a 90-minute Air Canada flight from Quebec to Toronto. The flight is only about 1/4 full. Less than halfway through the flight she falls asleep, she writes on her Facebook page. And she doesn’t wake up when the plane lands.

Alone in the plane

When she does wake up around midnight, she is still strapped in her seat. It must be several hours after landing. The plane is empty, pitch-dark, freezing cold and locked for the night. Initially, she thinks she is having a bad dream, but it's reality.

She calls a friend, but her phone dies around 1 minute into the call. Charging the phone is impossible because the plane’s power has been switched off.


TorchWhen she looks around in the aircraft she finds a torch in the plane’s cockpit. And she makes her way to the main door. It takes her quite some time to open it, but she finds all 3 latches and the door opens. Looking outside she estimates that she is some 50 ft (15 m) above the ground.

The actual height from the bottom of the main exit door near the cockpit on an Airbus 320 is 12.4ft (3.79m). But given the circumstances it is quite understandable that she greatly overestimates the real height.

Jumping to safety

With her legs dangling out of the aircraft she sends out distress signals with the torch. She is unable to tell how much time passes until she sees a man driving a luggage cart while passing the plane.

Luggage cartFortunately, she can flag him down and he drives toward the aircraft. As soon as he reaches the door she jumps to safety. When he asks her how they left her on the plane she says she is wondering the same.

Limo and hotel

The man calls Air Canada and soon their cars pull up to drive her up to the terminal. There, she meets with representatives of Air Canada. Although they offer a limo and hotel, she just wants to go home. Thus, they call a shuttle to take her to her car.


In the following days they call her several times and tell her they will do an investigation. Air Canada has checks in place that should prevent people from being locked on the aircraft at night. Therefore, they want to know what has gone wrong.

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