All Trump’s initiatives fail but one

During his election campaign Donald Trump promised “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”. It was a clear demonstration of his ignorance of fundamental principles of the rule of law. Thus, it is no surprise that each of Trump’s few initiatives failed with the exception of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination for the Supreme Court.

As president, meanwhile, Trump demonstrated his inability to understand those principles. On January 27, 2017 he signed a travel ban that discriminated on the basis of nationality and religion, which violates the founding principles of the USA. Small wonder that a federal judge blocked his first travel ban on non-Christian nationals from 7 Muslim-majority countries.

Next, Trump demonstrated that he lacks - among many other things - the capacity to learn. On March 6, 2017 he unveiled his second attempt to implement a similar travel ban. But it was again blocked by a federal judge.

To prove that he is really unable to learn he signed on September 25, 2017 a third travel ban with some additional provisions. Not only nationals of Muslim majority countries were affected, but also nationals of North Korea and some Venezuelan government officials and their families.

Administration officials privately suggested additional countries had been added to the list in part so that critics could no longer refer to the policy as a “Muslim ban.” Thus, Trump could have known that both the first and the second version of the travel ban were perceived to be motivated by nationality and religion, but he failed to grasp that precisely for this reason the proposed bans violated fundamental democratic principles.

The third version of the ban went even further than the original, imposing permanent restrictions on travel instead of the original 90-day suspensions. On October 17, 2017 - one day before it would take effect - Judge Derrick Watson, of the US District Court for the District of Hawaii, blocked Trump’s third attempt to implement a travel ban.

Judge Watson said that it “suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor”. Thus, he made it crystal clear that Trump did not have learned anything from the earlier 2 failed attempts to implement a discriminatory travel ban.

Trump lacks not only any insight into core democratic principles, but more importantly he also lacks civility. He believes there is nothing wrong with pussy grabbing as a video showed well before the presidential elections. But Trump played it down as “locker room talk.” Obviously, he frequents other locker rooms than we. Anyway, it seemed effective as it did not disqualify him from taking office in the eyes of many voters.

A number of powerful men who also sexually harassed women lost their jobs. Recent examples are Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood mogul, Roger Ailes, a former Fox News boss, and Bill O'Reilly, a former Fox News anchor. But their fate rested with corporations, not with voters.

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