Airline and airport awards

Qatar0In most rankings Qatar Airways scores high. CAPA - an aviation market intelligence company - named the carrier Airline of the Year on October 28, 2016 at its 2016 Global Summit in Amsterdam. It selected Qatar for its innovative strategy in a dynamic region, becoming the first major Gulf carrier to join oneworld, 1 of the 3 airline alliances.

CAPA’s judging panel notes that Qatar has continued to rapidly expand its network and fleet. In fact, it has quadrupled in size over the last decade and has a fleet of almost 200 aircraft (and over 300 on order).

Wizz Air was named Low-Cost Airline of the Year. The jury observes that the carrier has realized a consistent strong performance and rapid growth in Central and Eastern Europe, a challenging region. Capacity was up 20% in the last fiscal year and the carrier has the highest ancillary revenues per passenger in Europe. In plain language, it is very good in enticing customers with low base fares and next in nickel-and-diming them.

wizzWizz Air has been growing very fast in Central and Eastern Europe and now serves more than 100 destinations with a fleet of over 70 aircraft. The carrier has doubled its passenger traffic over the last 5 years and its market share is now approaching 45%.

Icelandair was named Regional Airline of the Year for its strong performance in a small market that has experienced intensifying competition from other low cost carriers. The judging panel praises its innovative connecting traffic strategy, which focuses on 6th freedom traffic between Europe and North America,

This (unofficial) freedom is the right to carry passengers or cargo from a second country to a third country by stopping in one's own country. Thus, the carrier can take passengers from Western Europe with a stop in Iceland to North America.

The jury named Iberia the Airline Turnaround of the Year. They note that the carrier has achieved major labor productivity improvements and unit cost reductions. By establishing iberia-expressand expanding Iberia Express, it has demonstrated that it is possible to combine a low-cost airline with a full service brand.

Vancouver International Airport was named Airport of the Year because it has been a leader on the technology and environmental fronts. First, its automated control kiosks have reduced waiting times by more than 50%. Second, it has achieved a 32% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per passenger over the last decade.

The judging panel named London City Airport Regional Airport of the Year for adopting a strategy focusing on its role as the premier business airport for central London while embracing low-cost opportunities in the face of numerous impediments.

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