A B&B experience

A reader shares his experience with Fado Bed & Breakfast - Santos in Lisbon, Portugal:

I booked the B&B through and could cancel it until 3 weeks before arrival, when the rate was charged to my credit card.

B&B prices in Lisbon can be as low as €20 ($23) or even less. However, I selected the Fado B&B with a room rate of €55 ($64) hoping the quality would be acceptable.

Airport transfer

I also ordered a roundtrip airport transfer for €45 ($53), which the B&B outsources to a local company. The transfer is not cheap, but with the benefit of hindsight it is worth the money.

The driver meets me in the arrival hall at the airport and takes me safely to the B&B. As agreed, he reports the next morning at the B&B and takes me back to the airport, where I pay by credit card.

The B&B

On the day of arrival the B&B sends me a message with 2 codes and an accurate description of how to use them. One code is for entering the building and the other for opening the room. The message describes the room's location.

The B&B appears to be automated and I do not see any associate in person. But on arrival, I observe the codes work well.

The room

The windows in the room are open, while it is hot outside, so it is also hot in the room. But with the windows closed and the A/C on it is pleasant. As no associates are present I cannot ask whether the water from the tap is potable. I do not take any chances and remain thirsty. There is no glass in the room anyway.

The bed is good, there is free Wi-Fi and even a kind of working place. However, the few lights in the room are weak and allow hardly any reading. In the bathroom are a sink, a toilet and a shower.

Breakfast is not available until 8:30 am. As I need to leave for the airport at 7:30 am, the B&B is in my case just a B.


I will not return to this B&B because I do not consider the price/quality ratio right.

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